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i-Sight Software's v5.2 Enhances Productivity and User Experience

New version incorporates customer feedback, delivering improved communication and flexibility

Posted by i-Sight Software on August 29th, 2019

i-Sight software has announced the launch of version 5.2 of its intuitive, easy-to-use investigative case management software. i-Sight v5.2 continues to enhance user experience and productivity with improvements to forms, email and in-application user tutorials.

“The focus of this release was to improve the user experience for everyone, from power users of the platform to brand new users,” says Joe Gerard, i-Sight’s CEO. “Better form layouts, improved email and communication functionality and the introduction of in-app tutorials and contextual help ensures everyone can get the maximum benefit from i-Sight from day one.”

Flexible Form Layout

i-Sight v5.2 offers more flexibility in the layout of forms. Variable columns provide options to structure forms for easier information-gathering. Users see more data without having to scroll, resulting in a streamlined experience and more efficient processing. The flexible layout options increase the visibility of large forms, even on small screens, and reduce white space in the form design.

Advanced Email Capabilities

“Many of our customers said that they liked i-Sight’s email capabilities and suggested even more. With v5.2, we’ve listened and delivered several new functions and features to improve the user experience of the module,” says Gerard. Email improvements in i-Sight 5.2 include:

  • Cc and Bcc fields
  • Improved thread view with the ability to sort messages
  • “Reply all” functionality: retains all email addresses in the follow-up messages
  • Virtual address book: allows users to quickly access email addresses for efficient communication
  • User interface improvements

In-App Tutorials

i-Sight now incorporates explainer tutorials within the application to provide contextual help as users work. Tutorials pop up automatically the first time a new user logs on, but existing users can also access them as a refresher. Tutorials can also be customized to the customer’s investigative process.

“The v5.2 updates help to ensure users are as productive as possible as quickly as possible,” says Gerard. “This is key to achieving return on investment for any technology and we will continue to improve i-Sight going forward to ensure exceptional return on investment for our customers.”

About i-Sight

i-Sight is a leading provider of web-based investigative case management software. Established in 1999, the privately held firm enables companies to conduct better investigations of fraud and theft, employee misconduct, bribery and corruption, security and legal incidents and manage risk through in-depth reporting and analysis.

i-Sight helps companies to capture incidents, track and manage investigations and report on results to prevent recurrences and create safer, fairer and happier workplaces. Find more information about i-Sight’s industry-leading solutions at

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