Uncover, Investigate and
Prevent Incidents and

i-Sight is a powerful case management platform that
streamlines your investigative process and provides the
data you need to analyze results, prevent incidents
and losses and protect your employees.

i-Sight is used by hundreds of organizations around the world

Spot trends and manage risk

Create new cases, manage tasks and analyze the results. A logical and structured workflow helps you track every step, meet deadlines and report to stakeholders.

i-Sight centralizes all case information and allows secure collaboration to boost efficiency and save time and money. Insightful reports help you manage risk, spot trends and protect your employees and organization by preventing incidents, fraud and misconduct as well as compliance lapses, fines and reputation damage.

i-Sight builds powerful solutions for:

Human Resources

Investigate and Prevent Incidents and Misconduct

Ethics & Compliance

Investigate and Prevent Fraud, Bribery and Misconduct


Investigate and Prevent Corporate Internal Fraud

Government & Public Services Fraud

Uncover, Investigate and Prevent Government and Public Services Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Investigate and Prevent Insurance Fraud


Track, Manage and Resolve Customer Complaints

Health & Safety

Case Management Software for a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Corporate Security

Investigate, Manage and Prevent Security Incidents and Breaches

Title IX

Investigate Discrimination and Harassment

Investigations are complex. We make it easier to manage them.

Our clients close more than a million cases per year and save a combined total of 2.4
million hours annually. Powerful features help you manage investigations effectively
and provide valuable business intelligence.

Capture every incident from multiple sources so nothing falls through the cracks

Collaborate with others without compromising privacy and security

Never miss a deadline with alerts and reminders

Proactively manage risk with easy-to-build reports

See How We've Helped Our Customers Detect,
Investigate and Prevent Incidents and Misconduct

There's never been an issue that
they couldn't remedy."

Jonaura Wisdom, Director, EEO & Civil Rights
Compliance, Los Angeles Metro

I think if I didn't have i-Sight I'd
need another employee."

Vicki Kamerer, Manager of Corporate Consumer
Affairs, National Tobacco

Painless Onboarding and Support

We will create a solution that works for you, and back it up with on-site or online training and 24-hour support. Our team of specialists will ensure your implementation is a success. You’ll be up and running quickly, with a powerful case management solution that meets your needs.

Powerful Data Protection

Hundreds of companies around the world trust i-Sight to keep their most sensitive data secure. Our reputation for security and our stringent data protection regulations make i-Sight the best choice for secure investigative case management solutions.


i-Sight customers see a full ROI in an average of
seven months.

Resources to Help You Build Your Skills and Train Your Team

Use these resources to improve your investigative and prevention program

Resources to Prevent Misconduct and Other HR Issues

Investigation Best Practices

Resources to Help You Prevent Fraud

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Our clients manage risk, prevent incidents and save a combined total of 2.4 million hours annually. Become one of them.

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