Investigate and Prevent Title IX Violations for a Safer Campus

Simply reacting to Title IX violations puts both students and your institution’s reputation at risk. Prevention is the key to building a safe, secure campus.

i-Sight’s robust case management software gives you the tools you need to address Title IX complaints quickly, investigate fairly and prevent future violations.

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"i-Sight allows us to manage all our case types utilizing just one reporting environment. As issues arise, the i-Sight team has been able to find quick solutions to any problem. i-Sight allows us to manage all our HR investigations to include Title IX with ease. We are able to assign, access, and manage the investigative processes quickly and efficiently. We us the data generated for reporting to track trends and identify problem areas within the organization."

Administrator in Human Resources

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Comply with Title IX Regulations and Show You’re Committed to Safety

Using i-Sight to manage Title IX investigations helps you comply with regulatory requirements and protects your school community and your reputation.

Reporters can submit complaints 24/7 through an easy-to-use web portal with anonymous two-way communication.

Every complaint is documented and tracked in a centralized database for fast and fair resolutions.

Detailed investigation records prove compliance and support your case in legal proceedings.

You can address complaints quickly (within Title IX’s timeframe)

You can uncover insights into Title IX incidents on the fly, ensuring you comply with reporting requirements.

Case linking flags repeat offenders so you can find patterns of behavior and prevent repeat incidents.

i-Sight is proudly used to investigate and prevent harassment and discrimination at these schools

Meet Deadlines and Protect Privacy with Secure File Sharing

i-Sight makes it easy to comply with Title IX investigation timelines for reporting to involved parties to allow for the 10-day response window. Secure file sharing ensures that student and staff data is transmitted in a timely manner and protected at all times during transit.

With i-Sight, team members can securely share files via email from within the platform. Recipients can access the documents only through a password-protected portal. The emails are logged and time-stamped in the case file, with read receipts from recipients.

Spot Problems Before They Start with Trend Analysis

Preventing discrimination on the basis of sex, rather than reacting to complaints, protects both the school community and your institution’s reputation.

i-Sight’s award-winning reporting tool helps you analyze incident patterns and hot spots so you can identify trends and focus prevention programs, creating a safer environment for students, faculty and staff.

Role-Based Access Protects Both Parties While You Investigate

Keeping details private prevents retaliation and ensures a fair, unbiased Title IX investigation. But what if your Title IX Coordinator needs to consult with external experts or remote investigators?

On i-Sight’s secure platform, you can designate access for team members and control what each person can edit and view, allowing teams to collaborate without sacrificing privacy and security.

Keep Up with Title IX Regulations with i-Sight's Agile Platform

Title IX regulations have changed before and can change again. If your institution can’t keep up, you could lose your federal funding.

i-Sight’s agile application helps you easily adapt to updates, with a team of experts on staff to support you through changes. To ensure maximum flexibility, your admins can customize your workflow rules in-house so you can adapt quickly to change.

Key Features:

  • Works with all major student information systems (SIS), including PowerSchool, Gradelink, Infinite Campus and more
  • Agile workflows
  • Dynamic fields and forms
  • Flexible platform that can be used to manage all your institution’s incidents and investigations
  • Integration with campus security systems ensures quick response times and better trend analysis
  • Suggested links to other cases breaks down information silos
  • Similar party search function alerts you if a similar or matching party exists and provides the option to populate party details

Case Study

Prairie State College

Find out how Prairie State College used i-Sight to identify Title IX risks and trends and used this data to focus their preventive efforts.

Is Case Management Software Right for You?

Conducting Title IX Investigations with Case Management Software

Learn how case management software can help you investigate and prevent Title IX violations on and off your school campus.

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To our customers: We’ll never sell, distribute or reveal your email address to anyone. Privacy Policy