Investigate and Prevent Insurance Fraud

Detecting, investigating and preventing insurance fraud takes diligence, data and resourcefulness.

i-Sight’s robust case management software gives investigative teams the tools they need to resolve insurance fraud investigations faster and analyze trends for better prevention.


"i-Sight has been a game changer for our team. The i-Sight tool is very easy to use. The i-Sight development team has been fantastic to work with, from the initial launch we have been able to improve our workflow and accountability. With the customizable workflows and the reporting tool, we have been able to more quickly identify areas that need to be improved and train our staff. "

Eric O.
Director of Compliance Audits

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Identify Risk Areas and Prevent Fraud with Trend Analysis

Taking a proactive approach to insurance fraud investigations results in lower fraud risk and higher recoveries.

Be notified early and take action before risk escalates, while removing subjective decision-making from the process. Automated risk scoring allows you to model your risk profile into i-Sight and enable scoring based on easy-to-understand questions for your agents. Create workflow rules, such as notifications and task creations, based on risk scores.

i-Sight’s award-winning reporting tool helps investigative teams spot trends in insurance abuse so you can plan more effective preventive strategies without spending hours on data analysis. With just a few clicks, you can generate charts, graphs and maps that show where you need to focus scrutiny and preventive measures.

i-Sight helps top insurance companies detect and prevent fraud

Integrate Your Claims System for More Efficient Investigations

Creating and assigning new case files is time-consuming. To ensure maximum recoveries, investigators can’t waste time on these administrative tasks.

i-Sight seamlessly integrates with your claims system to instantly create a new case file when suspicious activity is flagged. All relevant information is pulled into the file, which can be automatically assigned to an investigator. Teams can get to work faster, ensuring a quick resolution.

Case linking helps investigators identify relationships among claimants, claim types, locations and more, to flag suspicious activities and spot correlations. Analyze these links to identify the fraudsters worth investigating for better risk management and prevention. On case creation, i-Sight’s similar party search function alerts you if a similar or matching party exists and provides the option to populate the form with the party’s details.

Investigate and Collaborate On-the-Go with i-Sight's Web-Based Platform

Insurance fraud investigators don’t just work in the office. When your team is off-site conducting an interview, activity check or site visit, it can be hard for them to collaborate with other investigators or update their case file.

i-Sight’s mobile-friendly, web-based platform allows investigators to edit cases from anywhere. Investigations won’t stall as you wait for updates, and investigators are less likely to forget key details.

Workflow Features Help You Boost Compliance

Complying with regulatory requirements, such as FinCEN, NCA or FINTRAC, can be confusing, especially when you’re managing a large caseload. However, a mistake can be costly, in both fines and reputation damage.

To make compliance easier, i-Sight automates some of the trickier steps. Built-in form templates reduce the chance that you’ll miss important information or make errors when completing reports. Teams can also automate the filing of SARs/STRs directly from the application, ensuring you meet deadlines, get approvals and file reports correctly. Best of all, you can customize your own workflow rules to ensure they reflect your processes, and change them if your processes change.

Our Centralized Database Helps You Resolve Cases Faster

Hunting for case information, evidence and documents in multiple locations can slow an investigation down.

i-Sight provides a centralized database for all case information. Teams can upload audio and video files, images, supporting documents, notes and more, with a log of who did what and when. Cases stay on track, data is secure and you have strong documentation of your investigative activity if you’re challenged by an auditor or in court.

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