Uncover, Investigate, and Prevent HR Incidents & Misconduct

The workforce of the future has no place for discrimination, harassment, corruption and other misconduct.


"i-Sight has been great for our business! The work of an HR professional can be vast and varied. Utilizing the i-Sight system helped our team gain consistency in how we handle situations by establishing a consistent work flow and allowed us to track and trend the various investigations, projects, or assignments. i-Sight has allowed HR to show the value of our work each day. The Tracking and trending of this data allows HR to provide strategic advice back to the business on success and opportunities. "

Administrator in Hospital and Healthcare

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Prevent incidents and protect your company with effective,
timely HR investigations and bulletproof documentation.

In today’s socially aware environment, companies are expected to do more than just
investigate incidents and misconduct. They are expected to prevent them.

i-Sight’s powerful case management platform and
award-winning reporting tool provide the data you
need to not only manage incidents, but also to predict
and prevent misconduct.

Uncover Every Incident to See Your Real Risks

Ignoring incidents and missing warning signs are no longer acceptable. i-Sight ensures every incident or complaint gets attention and nothing falls through the cracks.

i-Sight’s web portal with anonymous two-way communication encourages employees to come forward with their concerns without fear of retaliation. With clear insight into employee concerns, you can prioritize and triage whistleblower reports to focus on the most important issues and how to prevent them. When a new case is created, i-Sight flags similar parties and suggests links to other cases, eliminating duplication and information silos.

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Prevent Misconduct with Real-Time Reporting

i-Sight provides the tools you need to be proactive, with sophisticated reporting to identify patterns and connections between people and cases, analyze your data and see hidden risks and opportunities to address them. With i-Sight’s powerful reporting tool, you can create customized reports quickly. And i-Sight makes it easy to satisfy the special reporting requirements for human resources investigations into grievances and other types of complaints.

Create Detailed Reports that Display:

Case aging

Cases and complaints by gender

Amounts paid to settle grievances

Cases settled by the company vs closed by the union

Case type, location, employee, union rep and other key case elements

Number of cases settled, appealed, in arbitration or any other progression status

Diversity statistics for risk management and compliance

Is Case Management Software Right for You?

Buyer's Guide for HR

Learn what case management software can do for your HR department and what to look for in a solution.

Keep Multiple Investigations on Track with Workflow Rules

i-Sight streamlines your workflow, helps you close cases faster, and provides the groundwork for a strong prevention strategy.

Configurable workflows put you in control of your processes. Built-in reminders and escalation functions ensure your investigations stay on track and workflow rules ensure every step is followed and documented. Complaints and grievances are resolved quickly, letting you focus your efforts on prevention.

Audit trails and documented review and approval cycles provide a strong defense in the case of an employment-related lawsuit or job action.

Collaborate without Compromising Confidentiality with Role-Based Access

With i-Sight, HR teams can handle more cases and collaborate securely on multiple employee investigations.

In some organizations, management, unions and labor relations departments each play a role in the grievance or complaint handling process. i-Sight makes it easy for stakeholders to collaborate on cases from anywhere.

Access to case information can be configured and restricted for each user so that teams can work together without compromising privacy and security.


One-click investigation reports
summarize your case instantly.

With all your investigation information stored in one place, you can create
comprehensive investigation reports with a single click. i-Sight pulls all the
information from the case file into a complete, professional investigation report.

Integrate with Your HRIS, Email, Office Productivity Suite, and Other Systems of Record

i-Sight integrates with the tools and systems your team uses to pull the relevant employee information into the case file, eliminating the need to type or copy information.

Import employee information from Workday, BambooHR, SAP Success Factors, PeopleSoft, ADP and other HRIS into  one system for reporting and analysis. Centralize and control your data, process and workflow for consistent investigations, deep insight and better prevention.

Manage cases from anywhere

Investigators can update, manage and collaborate on case files from
their office computers, laptops or mobile devices – anywhere, anytime.


Case Study

Los Angeles Metro

Find out how LA Metro leveraged i-Sight’s reporting tool to analyze the volume and location of civil rights complaints and boost training and prevention.

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To our customers: We’ll never sell, distribute or reveal your email address to anyone. Privacy Policy