Track, Investigate, and Prevent Workplace Health and Safety Issues

Protect your employees and the public with powerful health and safety investigation software. Report, investigate, resolve, then use your data to prevent workplace incidents, accidents, and injuries.


"The system was easy to set up, learn, and use. A much better way to collect incident information and trend data. This enables our organization to craft smarter risk management strategies."

Lance N.

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Track, Report, and Prevent Incidents to Keep Your Employees Safe


Slip and fall incidents

Near misses


Exposure to dangerous substances


Other OSHA reportable incidents

Case Study

Home Health Care Management

Find out how Home Health Care Management cut incident resolution times by 75 per cent, reduced reporting from eight hours to one hour, and saved $50,000 per year with i-Sight.

Capture Every Incident with Smart Web Forms

i-Sight incorporates OSHA form templates with
guidelines to help you record all the information necessary to
report to regulators. With i-Sight’s smart web forms, you can
easily capture incidents from the office, the plant floor,
or a remote job site, saving valuable time and effort.
Case linking and similar party alerts help you see the
relationships between cases.

Streamline Incident Reports and Stay Compliant

Generate incident reports with a single click, pulling all the necessary information from the case file into a complete, consistent professional report. Reports can be configured to comply with OSHA and CCOHS regulations.

Monitor Incident Trends to Manage Risk

i-Sight’s sophisticated reporting tool provides the data you need to
make risk-based decisions.

Create charts, graphs, and heat maps highlighting safety incident trends and
tracking areas of risk. Geographic mapping capabilities allow
you to run incident reports overlaid on Google Maps, helping you identify high-risk locations.

Secure Workflows Provide Oversight and Risk Management

Use i-Sight’s secure dashboards to monitor your team’s performance,
report on trends, or click through to individual incident reports
to drill down for more detailed information.

i-Sight helps these top companies manage health and safety investigations and prevent incidents

Is Case Management Software Right for You?

Managing Health and Safety Incidents with Case Management Software

Learn how case management software can help you investigate and prevent incidents, accidents, and near misses.

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To our customers: We’ll never sell, distribute or reveal your email address to anyone. Privacy Policy