i-sight government fraud case management

Detect, Investigate and Prevent Government and Public Services Fraud

i-Sight is the trusted solution used by federal, state and county government departments to detect, investigate and report on referrals and allegations of fraud, waste and abuse. i-Sight is the industry leader in investigative case management solutions to track and manage Medicare, Medicaid and social service fraud cases.


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Integrate with Your Detection Systems to Capture Every Alert

Funnel cases flagged by your fraud detection systems into i-Sight to ensure every alert, referral or tip is captured, categorized into a recipient or provider case and forwarded for review and assignment for investigation.

Examine incoming recipient cases to identify the fraudsters worth investigating and manage cases all the way through to criminal proceedings or repayment. i-Sight  automatically populates cases with all claims and scenario-based data.

i-Sight helps state and local governments investigate public services fraud

Identify Fraud Faster Through Case Linking and Similar Parties

Case linking helps you to identify relationships between providers, patients, locations and more, to flag suspicious activities and see correlations or previous history with the case parties.

When a new party is added to a case, i-Sight identifies similar parties and can populate the case file with their information, eliminating duplication and information silos.


Document, Review, Recover

In cases of provider fraud, track correspondence with providers, record audit findings and review investigative findings and recommendations before taking action against a provider or beneficiary.

Use templates to generate repayment agreements and then track repayments to ensure they are completed.

Generate Court-Ready Case Reports

Built-in templates and easy, one-click investigation reports allow investigators and managers to generate court-ready case reports in seconds. Reduce the administrative burden by automating the generation of civil, criminal and administrative forms and templates.

Save Time and Collaborate

Share information with prosecutors and other stakeholders through secure access to case information and reports. In criminal cases, it’s easy to collaborate with prosecutors by granting them secure access to case files or investigation reports in i-Sight, no matter where they are.

Deep Reporting to Identify Trends and Hot Spots

Generate powerful customized reports to uncover trends and identify opportunities for prevention and detection. Capture data within state, county or other geographical boundaries, as well as by provider, recipient, case type, etc.

Use your data to monitor hot spots and areas of higher risk. Build insightful charts, graphs and heat maps, to better target investigations. Automate the generation of your required FNS and CMS reports such as the 366B form.

Is Case Management Software Right for You?

Conducting SIU and OIG Investigations with Case Management Software

Learn how case management software help you identify, investigate, prevent and recover funds lost to government services fraud.

Case Study

Workers' Compensation Commission

See how the Workers’ Compensation Commission strengthened enforcement, made it easier for state employees and other citizens to report cases of suspected fraud and abuse and enabled investigators to analyze and detect patterns of suspicious behavior.

Security and Compliance Satisfies the Most Stringent Requirements

i-Sight has an indisputable record of compliance with the most stringent security requirements of the health care and human services environment, verified through audits. Web-based or client-install options are available to accommodate any IT security demands. To ensure information privacy, role-based security governs access to investigation information. i-Sight has completed CMS and FNS validations.

Standing Agreements to Simplify Procurement

Having successfully won competitive bid processes, i-Sight has standing agreements in place with state and federal government departments that can simplify the procurement process. i-Sight can be purchased directly from authorized and vetted resellers.

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To our customers: We’ll never sell, distribute or reveal your email address to anyone. Privacy Policy