Investigate and Prevent Corporate Internal Fraud

Theft, fraud, waste and abuse cast a dark shadow over organizations. Their negative effects can trickle down to customers and clients, leading to reputation damage on top of financial repercussions.

Use your investigative data to get deep insight into your fraud risks and opportunities for prevention.

i-Sight’s powerful case management software helps you increase oversight, track and manage fraud investigations and report on results for better risk management and prevention.

i-sight fraud case management

"i-Sight has been a game changer for our team. The i-Sight tool is very easy to use. The i-Sight development team has been fantastic to work with, from the initial launch we have been able to improve our workflow and accountability. With the customizable workflows and the reporting tool, we have been able to more quickly identify areas that need to be improved and train our staff."

Eric O.
Director of Compliance Audits

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Manage Risk and Prevent Fraud with Trend Analysis

Getting insight into your fraud investigation data shifts your program’s focus from reactive to proactive, saving time and money.

i-Sight’s award-winning reporting tool highlights trends and hot spots in investigation data, helping teams understand their vulnerabilities and areas of risk. Use this insight to manage risk, focus your preventive measures and improve your program.

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Create Consistent, Compliant Documentation with One-Click Investigation Reports

Wrapping up a case can be tedious and time-consuming. With i-Sight, investigators can produce professional case reports with the click of a mouse.

All the relevant information already entered in the case file is filtered into your own pre-formatted Word document, saving hours of information-gathering from different sources. The final report can be shared with stakeholders at the end of the investigation or if requested during legal proceedings.

Automatic Case Intake and Assignment for Faster Resolutions

Don’t waste precious time on administrative tasks. i-Sight’s easy case creation lets investigators jump right into their work.

i-Sight can be integrated with your existing fraud detection systems, hotlines and other intake systems to funnel alerts, tips and referrals for investigation directly into the system. During intake, i-Sight suggests links to other cases and flags similar parties to ensure you get the full picture. i-Sight automatically assigns cases based on your preset criteria. To avoid conflicts of interest and to balance team workloads, investigation managers or supervisors can also assign cases manually.

Keep Investigations on Track with Logical Workflows

Investigators are busy, often with multiple cases on the go at once. i-Sight’s customizable workflows keep them on track, ensuring thorough, fast resolutions so you can recover losses and prevent issues from escalating.

Every step is tracked and recorded in the centralized case file for easy collaboration and reporting, as well as providing documentation for legal proceedings. Alerts remind investigators when they have a task coming due, and show managers where investigations stall, providing insight to help focus program improvements.

Investigate Anywhere on Our Mobile-Friendly Platform

Don’t risk losing key investigation details when investigators are at a work site or interview location.

i-Sight’s mobile-friendly interface lets investigators access case files from anywhere, saving travel time and providing real-time status updates to stakeholders.

Share Information Securely Across Departments

Fraud investigators don’t work in a vacuum. i-Sight’s secure platform encourages collaboration across departments in real time, eliminating information silos.

To protect privacy and confidentiality, each team member is granted access to case information based on their assigned role.

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To our customers: We’ll never sell, distribute or reveal your email address to anyone. Privacy Policy