Investigate, Manage and Prevent Security Incidents and Breaches

Time is key to security investigations. An inefficient incident management system allows issues to escalate, putting unnecessary stress on investigators and increasing both financial and reputational damage to your organization.

i-Sight’s robust case management software reduces your risk of security incidents, violence and data breaches. With more effective incident tracking, investigations and reporting, your organization can improve risk management and prevent security issues.

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Instantly Capture Complaints and Tips for Faster Response Times

Failing to action a security tip or complaint quickly puts your company at risk. In just a few hours, a small problem can escalate into a devastating incident or breach that affects thousands of customers, partners and employees.

i-Sight streamlines the intake process with flexible, configurable incident capture options, including hotline, email, webform and integration with your existing intake systems. i-Sight creates a case file for each incident and alerts the team to ensure quick triage and assignment. On case creation, i-Sight’s similar party search function alerts you if a similar or matching party exists and provides the option to populate the form with the party’s details. Case linking helps investigators identify relationships and correlations between new and existing cases.

Analyze your Data to Identify Areas of Risk and Prevent Incidents

i-Sight helps you manage risk and protect your organization’s assets, shifting your focus from reaction to prevention.

Using i-Sight’s award-winning reporting tool, investigative teams can analyze security incident data by region, country, department, type or any other variable. Generate charts, graphs and maps highlighting trends so you can identify gaps and areas of risk where you need to focus preventive measures.

Case Study

New York City Health and Hospitals Correctional Health Services

Find out how New York City Health and Hospitals Correctional Health Services cut regulatory reporting time in half, boosted compliance and improved operational efficiency with i-Sight.

Increase Compliance with Customized Workflow

In the wake of a security incident, compliance might be the last thing on your mind. But failing to report a breach can lead to thousands of dollars in fines and lawsuits, plus damage to your organization’s reputation.

i-Sight’s customizable workflows automate compliance so you can focus on protecting your assets. You can customize i-Sight’s workflow rules to match your processes and change them when your processes change. Built-in form templates ensure you always use the right reporting form and share all relevant information with regulators. Reporting deadline reminders keep teams on task, boosting compliance and reducing resolution time.


Share Reports with Stakeholders to Reduce Information Silos

Following a security investigation, stakeholders need a final investigation report to plan risk management strategies. However, creating these reports can be time-consuming and tedious, especially if investigators have large caseloads.

Using i-Sight’s one-click investigation reports, investigators can generate complete, compliant report for regulators, the C-suite and other stakeholders instantly. Automate report distribution to ensure that comprehensive security and incident data is available to those who need it when they need it.

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