Track, Manage and Resolve Customer Complaints

Great customer service is more than just resolving complaints. Investigating customer complaints provides valuable data that helps companies  improve products and processes to prevent issues before they arise.

An efficient and responsive complaint management program shows customers that you value them, ensures timely responses, and helps you analyze trends to improve the customer experience for everyone.

i-Sight’s powerful software helps you efficiently track, investigate and resolve complaints to provide consistent customer service and maintain a reputation for excellence.

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Capture Every Complaint to Improve Customer Service
and Retention

When customers submit a complaint, they expect a quick response. i-Sight ensures you capture every
complaint using smart web forms, email-to-case or integration with existing systems or hotlines. Every
customer or employee complaint is tracked in a centralized case file, creating a clear, searchable record.
For complaints that involve regulatory misconduct, i-Sight ensures you record all the information you need
for timely reporting to regulators.

Respond quickly to customer and employee complaints

Prioritize cases for follow-up

Instantly assign cases

Manage tasks and due dates

Generate insightful reports (tables, charts, graphs)

Identify opportunities for improvement

i-Sight helps these top companies manage and resolve complaints

Spot Trends and Prevent Recurring Issues with Insightful Reports

Take a proactive approach to customer service
by analyzing your complaint data to spot risks
and trends. Trend analysis helps you uncover
and address problem areas so you can prevent
issues before they become customer complaints.

Using i-Sight’s award-winning reporting tool,
you can display complaints by type, location,
time period and other criteria in easy-to-read
graphs and charts. Identify trends in your data
to determine root causes and focus improvements
to company policies and products.

Protect Customer Data on Our Secure Platform

Customer complaints may include personally identifiable information
or financial data. They may also involve a sensitive issue concerning one
of your employees, such as harassment or fraud.

i-Sight helps you keep this information private to protect both
customers and your organization. The secure, password-protected
platform is safer than storing data in spreadsheets or on paper.
Role-based access lets you choose who can see and work on each
complaint to maintain confidentiality.

Resolve Complaints Quickly to Keep Customers Happy

Taking too long to resolve a complaint (or failing to address it at all)
tells customers that you don’t value their business. i-Sight helps you
conduct quick and efficient investigations, even with a large caseload.

i-Sight creates a clear, searchable record of all complaints. You can view
cases by date, complaint type, status and more. Keeping an eye on
aging cases helps to ensure timely resolution. Prioritize cases for
follow-up to let customers know that you appreciate their feedback
and you’ll earn a reputation for superior service.

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To our customers: We’ll never sell, distribute or reveal your email address to anyone. Privacy Policy