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Smart Workflows

Keep Cases on Track

i-Sight’s structured process starts from intake, through case assignment and investigation planning all the way to case closure, including outcome monitoring and recoveries tracking.

Keep cases on track with alerts and to-dos. Collaboration is easy because colleagues can work on the same file and managers can get a real time view of progress.

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Case Assignment

Assign cases automatically, based on user-defined rules, or on a case-by-case basis. Investigators are alerted when a new case is assigned to ensure timely follow-up.

Investigation Case Assignment
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The average investigation manager saves 2.5 hours per week by using i-Sight

Best Practices

After 15 years of investigative case management software design and implementation and the experience gathered from working with more than 40,000 investigators at 300-plus companies around the world, we’ve got a deep understanding of investigative best practices for your department, industry and legislative environment and can set up workflows based on them.

Structured Workflow
We understand that your investigations must be timely, thorough and fair and these criteria inform the investigative process that i-Sight’s workflow rules enforce. A methodical workflow with mechanisms to seek approvals, monitor progress and report on results is crucial. That’s why i-Sight is structured to ensure all information is collected, steps are never missed, and there’s a complete record of every action taken during an investigation.

Thorough Investigations
i-Sight’s central repository for case information is designed to be a detailed record of every action taken during the investigation. Each time a user adds a note, updates the case status, uploads a file, approves a step, etc, the activity is recorded in the centralized case file, dated and time-stamped. Following smart workflow rules ensures that the resulting case file provides proof that a thorough investigation was conducted and all steps in the investigative process were completed. Our customers rely on their i-Sight case files to prove that they completed a thorough investigation, should a case go to court.

Timely Investigations
i-Sight’s efficient intake processes, real-time notifications and inactivity alerts ensure the timeliness of investigations, a factor that is critical when a quick and efficient investigation can mean the difference between a satisfactory resolution and a lawsuit. Effective workflows that ensure timely investigations can also help to stem losses in cases of fraud and theft, when every day’s delay carries a cost for the company.

Smarter Workflows

Set To-Dos

Set to-do’s to remind investigative team members of tasks and deadlines and keep cases on track.

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Case Status Alerts

Understand the status of any case, any time. Use alerts to notify you of changes in the status of a case to ensure cases are progressing as planned.

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Workflow Alerts

Set workflow alerts to keep cases on track and keep managers on top of deadlines and aging cases.

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Case Reviews

Use alerts to enforce a final review of every investigation and the recommended outcome before the case is closed.

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Collaborate on Cases

Allow real-time collaboration by providing your investigation team with access to see, add to and edit case files.

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“i-Sight offers critical automation and alerts that ensure every team member follows our desired process.”


Case Information All In One Place →

Search files, track expenses and time, and access an entire case history, including notes, emails and evidence. The case file is a complete audit trail.

Access Roles →

Set customized access roles to allow authorized users to see and/or change cases based on their role levels.

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