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Micro-Service Architecture

i-Sight has been structured using a micro-service design that offers superior scalability compared to the traditional monolithic approach.

i-Sight has been broken up into a set of autonomous components that co-operate via API. This approach enables unlimited scaling, reliability and very low hardware consumption. This modern architecture has been adopted by Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Github and many other leading services that require high availability and latency.

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Excellent ROI

i-Sight is scalable at every level, so our case management software can accommodate changes to your size and structure and ensure you end up with a system that is efficient, effective and delivers excellent ROI.

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i-Sight software enables unlimited scaling, reliability and very low hardware consumption

Companies Using Micro-Services

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“i-Sight was the most user-friendly tool we found. We could also implement it pretty quickly across all countries.”


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Comply with international regulations for information privacy and data security.

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Access files from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time and on any device that can access the web.

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Integrate i-Sight with existing systems to pull information and feed data into systems for updating and analysis.

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