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What is Incident Management Software?

Use this tool to track incidents and manage risk.

Posted by Ann Snook on May 21st, 2020

Whether it’s a security breach, employee misconduct or a workplace accident, there is no time to lose when responding to an incident. Companies that use paper systems or spreadsheets risk lost details, escalation and repeat incidents. However, incident management software lets teams respond quickly, comply with reporting requirements and boost prevention.


What is Incident Management Software?


Incident management software, also referred to as incident tracking software, is a digital tool that helps teams investigate incidents in:

  • Corporate security
  • Health and safety
  • Loss prevention
  • Brand protection
  • Human resources
  • Cybersecurity


Sometimes called case management software, it is a system that helps investigators work efficiently and collaborate securely with others.



Managing incidents can feel like a juggling act.

Case management software provides all the information you need to identify trends and areas of risk and compiles the data you need to escalate or resolve issues. Learn how in our free eBook.

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Why You Need Incident Management Software


Incident management software helps investigators capture tips, complaints and anomalies and report on the results to prevent future incidents. Using one centralized, secure platform, teams can:

  • Create cases instantly by integrating your intake and detection mechanisms
  • Assign investigations and tasks automatically or manually
  • Search for open and closed investigations by location, subject and incident type
  • View a timeline of actions taken on a case, including time, date and team member
  • Collect supporting documents and audiovisual evidence
  • Use built-in form templates to ensure accurate and compliant reporting


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Key Incident Management Software Features


The most important parts of managing incidents are a timely response and preventing similar incidents in the future. Incident management software helps investigators do both.


Easy Case Intake and Assignment


Sensitive incidents, such as a security breach, harassment or theft, need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Incident management software lets teams get right to work with streamlined case intake and assignment.

Organizations can integrate intake and detection mechanisms to capture incidents and funnel them right into the incident management system. After a case is automatically created, it’s auto-assigned to an investigator based on preset criteria. Alternately, managers can manually assign cases.

Not having to manually create case files reduces the risk of the incident escalating or incidents falling through the cracks.


Risk Analysis


Managing incidents goes beyond handling the initial fallout. Teams need to take preventive action to reduce risk to employees, customers and brand data.

Incident management systems with a risk analysis feature help companies identify vulnerabilities and areas of improvement. Using a drag-and-drop report builder, they can create heat maps, graphs and charts to spot common incident types, problem branch, office or store locations and repeat offenders.

This feature helps teams focus their preventive efforts, such as:

  • Editing company policies
  • Reworking employee training
  • Implementing new security measures
  • Updating or installing health and safety equipment


Mobile-Friendly Platform


Finally, incidents can happen anywhere, including a work site, the sales floor and any part of your office building. Investigators have to act fast when logging and reporting on incidents, especially if they have to file a form (i.e. OSHA).

If they have to wait until they return to the office to create an incident file, investigators risk forgetting important details. Incident management software on a web-based, mobile-friendly platform lets them create and work on a case from anywhere with an internet connection.

Web-based incident management software helps investigators:

  • Create incident cases right in the system from anywhere
  • Work on cases when they are out of the office (e.g. traveling, on work sites, visiting other locations)
  • Record interview notes and upload evidence files right away
  • Comply with reporting requirements by streamlining the workflow process


Do you have more questions about incident management software? Check out these helpful resources:

Ann Snook
Ann Snook

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Ann is a marketing writer at i-Sight Software. She writes about issues related to investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, corporate security, Title IX, ethics & compliance and more.

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