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What is Complaint Tracking Software?

Track and manage customer complaints with one powerful tool.

Posted by Ann Snook on May 20th, 2020

In 2019, Google agreed to pay $7.25 million to settle a class action lawsuit with users of its first-generation Pixel phones. Customers complained about microphone issues, and the company even acknowledged the problems, yet continued to sell the faulty phones.

Chances are, most organizations won’t face a million-dollar lawsuit anytime soon. However, staying on top of complaints is essential to attract and retain loyal customers, and complaint tracking software can help.


What is Complaint Tracking Software?


Complaint tracking software, also known as complaint management software, is a system for tracking, documenting and resolving customer issues and complaints.

Complaint tracking software ensures that you track every customer interaction efficiently and accurately, creating a clear, searchable record. On one secure, centralized platform, teams can:

  • Assign complaint cases
  • Search for current and historical cases by customer name, complaint type, location and more
  • View all actions taken on a complaint case, with time and date stamps
  • Store evidence (documents, audiovisual files) if an investigation is warranted


You need a reputation for excellent customer service.

Case management software can help you identify trends, spot recurring customer complaints and resolve complaints faster to improve customer experience. Find out how in our free eBook.

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Why You Need Complaint Tracking Software


Handling customer complaints is a daily task for most companies. From problems with products or services to concerns about employees’ conduct, each issue should be addressed quickly and respectfully.

Complaint tracking software is more efficient than other systems, helping teams exceed customers’ expectations with timely responses. Even if every complaint doesn’t result in a change or investigation, responding to each customer shows that the company values their opinion. Accepting feedback and being transparent and accessible will help companies retain existing customers and attract new ones.

In addition, software analyzes complaint data so teams can constantly improve. Finding patterns and analyzing risk takes hours of painstaking data sorting when using other systems. Complaint tracking software lets teams report on problem areas in minutes so they can focus time and money on preventive efforts.


Show customers that you value their opinions by responding to every piece of feedback. Download our free customer complaint letter response template to get started.


Top Complaint Tracking Software Features


A company’s size, industry and location affect what complaint tracking software suits its needs. However, all good systems share these three features.


Organized Workflow


Keeping all customer complaint cases on track can be tough, regardless of the company’s size. Robust complaint tracking software with guided workflow makes it easy to juggle numerous cases at once.

An organized workflow reduces time spent tracking down information and helps team members meet deadlines to ensure timely customer service. Look for software that can:

  • Instantly assign complaint cases
  • Notify team members when they have impending deadlines
  • Prioritize complaints for manager follow-up
  • Store all complaint information in a centralized file



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Easy Intake


Missing complaints is one of the easiest ways to infuriate already concerned customers. Complaint tracking software with easy intake ensures none fall through the cracks.

Smart webforms and email-to-case capabilities ensure you capture every complaint and action it ASAP. It can also integrate current hotlines and intake systems to make complaint handling even easier.

A strong intake system also ensures that teams gather all the information needed to resolve the complaint. This feature is especially important for misconduct allegations that need to be reported to regulators.


Trend Analysis


Preventing customer complaints is even better than resolving them. Look for complaint management software with trend analysis that allows teams to spot trends for continuous improvement.

For example, are customers having problems at one location or in one geographic region? Are there common complaints or complaint types?

Choose software that can help companies visualize these trends and hot spots with graphs, charts and maps. Knowing problem areas lets them take preventive action to protect both customers and the business.


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Ann Snook
Ann Snook

Marketing Writer

Ann is a marketing writer at i-Sight Software. She writes about issues related to investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, corporate security, Title IX, ethics & compliance and more.

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