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Preventing Family Responsibilities Discrimination

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Family Responsibilities Discrimination (FRD), also known as Caregiver Discrimination, is employment discrimination against workers based on their family caregiving responsibilities. It may affect parents of young children, pregnant women, employees with an ill family member or with aging parents or sick spouses or partners. Discrimination can include being rejected for a job or promotion, being denied leave or flexibility to which the employee is entitled, or being demoted, harassed, or fired when employers allow stereotypical notions of caregivers to affect their work-related decisions.

Employers who discriminate against employees because of their caregiver responsibilities could face legal action, reputation damage and low employee morale, so it’s important to put in place measures to prevent this type (and all types) of discrimination.

Watch Cynthia Thomas Calvert, an employment lawyer and a nationally recognized expert in family responsibilities discrimination law, as she outlines strategies employers can use to prevent FRD and avoid its associated legal claims.

The one-hour webinar will include information on how to:
  • Detect FRD in the workplace
  • Educate managers about FRD
  • Ensure company policies do not impact caregivers negatively
  • Reduce bias
  • Create a coverage plan
  • Train managers to handle complaints effectively
Webinar Presenter

Cynthia Calvert
Cynthia Calvert

Employment Lawyer, Founder and Principal of Workforce 21C

Cynthia Thomas Calvert, president of Workforce 21C, is an employment lawyer and a nationally-recognized expert in Family Responsibilities Discrimination law. Through training and consulting, she helps employers manage today’s evolving workforce, with an emphasis on advancing women, preventing discrimination based on family caregiving, gender, and pregnancy, reducing unconscious bias, implementing effective flexible work programs, and creating inclusive workplace cultures.

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