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Investigation Report Writing Best Practices

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Investigation reports that don’t state the facts clearly and unambiguously could allow the reader room for interpretation, which can have devastating consequences, therefore, it’s important for investigators to be able to write well.

To help investigators understand the skills needed to prepare winning investigation reports, i-Sight hosted a free webinar on investigation report writing best practices.

  • The structure of a professional investigation report
  • How to keep language clear and simple
  • Words and phrases to avoid
  • List of elements that must be included
  • Information that should not be included
  • How to summarize findings
  • Little-known sources of valuable information in the deep web
  • How to search online anonymously
  • What smart investigators know about searching the web
  • How to search for hard-to-find people
Webinar Presenter

Derek Knights
Derek Knights


Derek is Senior Manager in TD Bank’s Global Security & Investigations group, where his responsibilities include best practices and governance as well as delivering training in business and report writing. Derek has also held investigation positions at Sun Life Financial and Ontario Power Generation.

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