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Interview Techniques and False Confessions

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The publicity generated by the Making a Murderer series has generated a renewed condemnation for interrogation techniques that are unethical, use bullying tactics and tend to elicit false confessions. Today’s investigators must be aware of the dangers of using aggressive interrogation tactics that intimidate witnesses and compromise the quality of the information they glean from interview subjects.

Watch John Hoda, police-trained expert interviewer and PEACE trainer, as he presents best practices for conducting investigation interviews that are conversational, non-intimidating and geared toward gathering accurate information that can stand up in court.

Webinar attendees will learn:
  • How rapport can be used to get the conversation going
  • How using intimidation can derail your investigation interview
  • Why you shouldn’t deceive, pressure or lead your interview subject
  • What information to share and what to withhold
  • Techniques for interviewing vulnerable people (including suspects)
  • How to apply elements of the PEACE method to get results that hold up in court
Webinar Presenter

John Hoda
John Hoda

Certified Fraud Examiner

John Hoda is a police-trained former insurance company fraud investigator with decades of experience as a private investigator. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a Certified Legal Investigator and an expert in the art and science of interviewing. He’s the creator of The Ultimate Guide to Taking Statements: Digital Edition and he blogs on Interviewing strategy at The Department of What Happened.

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