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How to Write a Code of Conduct that Works for Your Organization

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The quality of corporate codes of conduct continues to ratchet up as more stakeholders look to these important publications to learn about a company’s values, commitments and standards. Further, corporate leaders are increasingly relying on these documents to help manage the business. This can make the prospect of developing a new code or revising an existing one daunting.

Watch Jason Lunday as he discussses the attributes of successful codes and strategies for developing them so that your company’s next code of conduct can make a difference to your company’s success.

Webinar viewers will learn:
  • The value of a great code of conduct to a company’s success
  • Five foundations for developing a great code of conduct
  • Fourteen attributes of a great code of conduct
  • How to determine what to include in the code of conduct
  • How a good code of conduct can influence behavior
  • An effective process for developing or revising the code
  • Resources and support for your project effort
  • Resources for your own code development/revision
Webinar Presenter

Jason Lunday
Jason Lunday

Business Ethics and Compliance Consultant and Advisor

Jason Lunday is an ethics and compliance consultant and advisor with more than 20 years of experience in consulting and management. He has worked with companies of many sizes and across numerous industries to implement and enhance overall ethics and compliance programs and their components, including strategic maps, corporate values, leadership engagement, codes of conduct, policies and procedures, training, communication, risk and culture assessments, program assessments, guidance and helpline systems, investigation processes and program monitoring and review processes

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