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Gathering Social Media Evidence That Holds Up in Court

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Social media can offer a wealth of information in an investigation, and is a source that investigators shouldn’t forget about when collecting evidence.

Watch Benjamin Wright,Texas attorney and Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute, as he shares tips for gathering social media evidence in an investigation.

  • How social media is used in modern investigations and lawsuits
  • Pitfalls in collecting social media evidence
  • Suggested techniques to help investigators stay out of trouble
  • Tips for evidence collection so it’s more likely to be accepted as evidence in court
  • Ideas on how to find the evidence you need
Webinar Presenter

Benjamin Wright
Benjamin Wright

Attorney and Senior Instructor at the SANS Institute

Benjamin Wright is an attorney who helps people navigate the law of data compliance, including privacy, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, data protection, forensic investigations (e.g., social and mobile media) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). He teaches a course titled on data security and investigations” at the SANS Institute and is a published author and trainer.

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