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Detecting Deception: Investigation Interviewing Skills

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To get to the truth in an investigation, investigators need to watch carefully for signs of deception during investigation interviews.

Watch expert investigator and CFE Don Rabon share strategies for detecting deception during investigation interviews. 

  • How to identify the forms of the deception
  • How to determine where and how an interviewee is being deceptive
  • The importance of words and how the language we use changes when we lie
  • How to tell the difference between what subjects say and what they really mean
Webinar Presenter

Don Rabon
Don Rabon


Don Rabon, CFE, author, speaker, instructor and former investigative director, has more than 35 years of experience conducting training in interviewing techniques, detecting deception and investigative disclosure analysis.
He is the author of many books, including Interviewing and Interrogation
2nd Edition and Fraud Related Interviewing.
He is retired from the North Carolina Justice Academy, North Carolina Department of Justice, where he served as Deputy Director.

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