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Create a Harmonious Workplace and Avoid Litigation with this Key Ingredient

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An optimum workplace environment is critical for the health of any organization. So what specific ingredient creates that optimum environment for you and your associates?  Log in to this webinar to find out about the one primary ingredient that will help foster a sense of community, boost employee morale and increase productivity, while at the same time help to protect the business from conflict, workplace violence and employment lawsuits.

In order to achieve this type of workplace, managers, executives and the human resources team must all be on board, creating and enforcing policies that encourage employees to be courteous and discourage conflict.

Watch Sue Vanderoef, founder of Cornerstone HR Solutions, as she outlines a plan for achieving this key ingredient in your workplace.

  • Developing effective policies to bolster a harmonious workplace
  • What is and isn’t considered to be appropriate behavior
  • Enforcing workplace behavior policies
  • Dealing with policy violations
Webinar Presenter

Sue Vanderoef
Sue Vanderoef

Founder, Cornerstone HR Solutions

Sue Vanderoef has more than 22 years of experience in leadership positions with corporations ranging from Prudential and Fireman’s Fund to MetLife. She focuses on helping business owners correct problems that impede productivity, improve employee retention and bolster productivity. Her knowledge of developing effective human resources policies and programs is transferable to businesses of almost every size.

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