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Closing Out the Investigation and Dealing with the Aftermath

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In the third instalment of our webinar series on conducting procedurally fair workplace investigations, Lorene Schaefer, a mediator, workplace investigator, attorney and managing partner of Win-Win Resolve, discusses how to close out an investigation.

  • Writing an impartial investigation report
  • The importance of sharing conclusions with the reporting employee
  • What to tell witnesses and other employees involved in the investigation
  • Following up with the investigation subject
Webinar Presenter

Lorene Schaefer
Lorene Schaefer


Win-Win Resolve™ CEO, Lorene Schaefer, Esq., has 25+ years of experience, including 14-years as in-house counsel at one of the largest federal contractors in the country, the General Electric Company.

Win-Win Resolve™ incorporates a “win-win,” balanced and procedurally fair approach to all of our services. Our approach is designed to ensure (1) all investigators are not only neutral but perceived as neutral; (2) all employees interviewed feel heard and respected; and (3) employees view the investigation process as consistently applied across the organization. Our team of investigators include employment lawyers, HR professionals, Conflict Resolution professionals and paralegals who hold honors and degrees from respected institutions. They are also all Certified EEO Investigators and trained in Win-Win Resolve’s procedurally fair

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