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Background Investigations: Beyond the Basics

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 A comprehensive background investigation can do far more than a simple background check. It can identify wide-ranging information about a person’s past.

But the findings don’t always tell the whole story. Thorough analysis of the data is necessary to help identify red flags and red herrings as well as help to make informed decisions or avoid disastrous ones.

Brian Willingham, expert investigator and founder of Diligentia Group, discusses the elements of a comprehensive background investigation.

  • Gathering personal and professional information on a subject
  • Examining regulatory issues related to a subject
  • Uncovering assets and determining financial status
  • Gathering human intelligence
  • Investigating media and internet activity
  • Uncovering a subject’s business interests
  • Researching someone’s criminal and civil case history
Webinar Presenter

Brian Willingham
Brian Willingham

Founder of Diligentia Group

Brian Willingham is a private investigator and founder of diligentia Group, a boutique investigative firm dedicated to providing law firms, financial institutions and decision makers with comprehensive background investigations, due diligence investigations and legal investigation services. Diligentia tackles investigations of all sorts, including asset tracing, international and domestic due diligence background investigations, vetting of Board members and senior executives, complex litigation support, pre-employment background checks and witness interviews for civil or criminal litigation, providing clients with information that will help them to make informed decisions or avoid costly ones. Brian is a prolific blogger and contributor to industry magazines and publications including Pursuit Magazine and ACFE Insights.

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