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Top Strategies for Encouraging Employees to Use Your Whistleblower Hotline

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You don’t have to look too hard to see the effects of a company culture that discourages reporting misconduct, with glaring examples in the headlines continuously appearing. It’s clear that a company’s reputation and finances can be catastrophically affected by misconduct that is left to fester.

Employee tips are consistently found to be the most common source of detecting misconduct, with organizations with reporting hotlines detecting almost 20 per cent more fraud than those without hotlines. But getting employees to speak up about fraud, harassment, discrimination or any other type of misconduct isn’t easy. They may fear retaliation, losing their jobs, hurting their co-workers, or just being cast as a “snitch” or a liar.

Learn proven strategies you can use to get employees to report misconduct before it becomes a full-blown ethics and compliance disaster. Watch Amy McDougal’s, president of CLEAResources LLC, free webinar on Top Strategies for Getting Employees to Use Your Whistleblower Hotline.

The webinar will cover:
  • The importance of having an ethics/whistleblower hotline
  • Why anonymity is critical and how to provide it
  • How to train employees to appropriately use reporting tools
  • Addressing company culture weaknesses to encourage reporting
  • Anti-retaliation policies and their enforcement

Webinar Presenter

Amy McDougal
Amy McDougal

Founder and President, CLEAResources, LLC

Amy McDougal is Founder and President at CLEAResources, LLC., helping companies effectively manage their greatest legal and regulatory risks. She designs customized compliance and ethics programs to mitigate legal risks so company executives can focus on business.

Amy draws on her background as a prosecutor and in-house compliance counsel to conduct risk assessments through the skilled eyes of an attorney, without the steep law firm fees. Her clients range from small federal contractors to global commercial corporations and even government entities. They rely on her expertise in compliance, risk, codes of ethics, staff training, corporate monitoring, auditing, and investigations.

A former US Air Force officer and Judge Advocate, Amy is a well-published thought leader, as well as a founding director and corporate secretary of the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors.

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