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The Top 5 Culture Commandments at i-Sight

Culture is a result of the decisions we make, and is a set of shared beliefs, values, and practices. What we do, how we treat each other, and what we strive to be defines our culture.

Planned or not, every company has a culture. So why not create a culture we love?

Here’s why is culture important at i-Sight: Because people work better together. Shared values, vision and expectations reduce uncertainty and keep our focus on the things that really matter. Strong culture is the ultimate tool for recruiting amazing people and best of all, it amplifies their abilities once they join our team.


The 5 Culture Commandments at i-Sight


Be a go-getter.

Go-getters focus their energy on helping clients and their team. You are empowered to make choices, work autonomously, and get things done without asking for permission. Go ahead, we trust you, you’ve got this. Being a go-getter means bringing energy and focus to your work. It means striving for completion and not being satisfied until the task at hand is done.


Do the right thing.

Our business offers a constant stream of problems. Fear not, we’re great at solving problems. Challenges are inspiring, not discouraging. When doing the right thing, we learn from our mistakes. We understand that mistakes happen. Don’t reflect – be the first to sound the alarm. Owning your errors doesn’t make you look bad; it makes you look engaged and builds trust. Own it and don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way.


Play well with others.

The first step to playing well with others is being candid. Don’t hide your feelings. Instead, express them respectfully. Don’t be afraid to challenge people or ideas, just do so in a caring way. Express yourself with empathy and humility and respect the knowledge of others. While solving these challenges, we encourage our team to be open and honest with themselves and others. Follow the golden rude and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Here at i-Sight, we are moving fast, and moving fast means lots of change. Don’t fight it. Approach change with an open mind and be ready to accept a better way. Be flexible and embrace the role you can play in creating positive change.


Love thy customer.

We love our customers by being remarkable. We don’t want you to just satisfy customers by getting the job done. We must delight them. Our goal is to ensure our customers succeed.


Life is short. Have fun.

We love candid feedback and passionate debate. But remember, life is short. Take the high road. If you’re always kind and compassionate, everyone has a better chance of enjoying work. Work is a big part of life and should be fulfilling and fun. Be kind and enjoy each other. It’s fun to be a part of a world class team, so enjoy winning together.


So, what do you think? Does the i-Sight culture sound like a place you’d thrive in? Check out our careers page to see if we have positions that fit your strengths and experience!

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