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Online Case Management Software: 3 Benefits of a Web-Based System

Online case management software makes it easy to access and edit your files anywhere, anytime for a more efficient workflow.

Posted by Ann Snook on March 13th, 2020

Without a web-based case management solution, the Alaska State Office of the Ombudsman struggled to complete their work in a timely, organized fashion. After switching over to an online platform, says Ombudsman Kate Burkhart, she “can do quality review on [her] couch in the middle of the night” and her team can finish tasks when out of the office, even from rural communities.

Want to know how online case management software can benefit your organization? Keep reading to learn three key benefits.


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1. Web-Based Gives You Anywhere, Anytime Access


The number-one benefit of online case management software is its accessibility. If you have an internet connection, you can work on cases. This feature ensures that employees can complete their tasks no matter where they go or what hours they work.

Anywhere, anytime access is important for:

  • Employees who frequently travel for work, especially into other time zones
  • Organizations with employees in multiple time zones or countries
  • Investigators, medical professionals or anyone who works non-traditional hours (not just nine to five, Monday to Friday)


Choose a system that is not only web-based, but also mobile-friendly. Employees shouldn’t have to drag giant laptops around to every job site. Instead, make sure your online case management software offers a simple interface that works well on tablets and mobile phones.


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2. Online Case Management Software Reduces Your Risk of Lost Details


If your organization’s employees often work remotely or in the field, online case management software can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your practices. With a web-based solution, employees can add or update information without having to wait until they return to the office.

Employees are busy with a lot on their minds. The time between completing a remote task and updating the case at the office is more than long enough for them to forget details. When important details fall through the cracks, your organization is at risk of violating laws, lapsing on compliance, missing key investigation information and allowing small issues to escalate.

Web-based case management software allows:

  • In-home medical professionals to complete reports and update patient information right away, without relying on notes or their memory after a long day
  • Investigators to upload interview recordings, notes and evidence media files while off-site
  • Construction supervisors to log health and safety incidents as soon as they happen, right from the site


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3. Save Time and Money with an Online Platform


In addition to forgetting important details or tasks, having to wait to update cases costs time and money. Employees essentially have to do the same job twice.

First, they have to jot down notes or fill out forms by hand. Then, they have to commute back to the office and either type this information into the case or file it in the correct cabinet or folder.

Online case management software eliminates duplication of effort, giving employees more time to work on more important, non-administrative tasks. You’ll boost efficiency while streamlining your case management process.


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Ann Snook
Ann Snook

Marketing Writer

Ann is a marketing writer at i-Sight Software. She writes about issues related to investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, corporate security, Title IX, ethics & compliance and more.

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