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“New” Misconduct: Challenges and Solutions for Investigating as We Move to a New Normal

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In a transitional environment, characterized by physical distancing, remote workplaces, re‑opening of the economy and a fuzzy view of what’s coming next, a new collection of risks and challenges has emerged. Companies of every size are navigating the new landscape under extra stress, without the advantages of face-to-face communication, and the demands of a workforce that is hurting.

It’s a challenge to keep workers safe, healthy, engaged, committed, and productive in this environment, and there will always be risks of corruption and misconduct. Investigating under these circumstances requires new approaches tools and techniques.

Join Ken McCarthy, President of Integrity by McCarthy Inc, as he outlines the new risks posed by this environment, and the challenges and opportunities that will follow.


The webinar will cover:

  • Risks for misconduct in virtual and remote workplaces
  • Opportunities for new and different kinds of misconduct
  • Challenges of investigating in a transitional environment
  • Post-pandemic investigations
  • Examples of employees crossing the line
  • How the fraud triangle helps us to detect and prevent misconduct in the new environment

Webinar Presenter
Kenneth McCarthy
Kenneth McCarthy

Ken McCarthy has 18 years of experience in executive management and 8 years of experience in leading more than 500 workplace investigations, including workplace assessments and reviews within the federal public service of Canada. He is formally trained on workplace investigations, including harassment and violence in the workplace.

Ken is a Professional Certified Investigator, certified by the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and a member of ASIS Investigations, Human Threat, and Intellectual Property Protection Advisory Councils. He is also a member of the Canadian Association of Workplace Investigators, and a member of the Editors Association of Canada.

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