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Investigating Senior Scammers: Why Grandma Gets Away with Insurance Fraud

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Most people wouldn’t suspect a “senior citizen” of placing fraudulent claims. We think of this older demographic as kinder, more credible and honest than younger generations. So it’s not surprising that the insurance industry has overlooked investigating this demographic for fraudulent claims.

However, in the last couple of decades there has been an increase in fraudulent claims made by seniors as a result of economic and sociological shifts. The Baby Boomer generation is the largest aging population in US history. Many either lost their retirement to failed 401k programs, the stock market crash, or simply due to poor planning. This has enticed some seniors to place fraudulent claims in order to supplement their retirement, and they shouldn’t be ignored.

Join Christina Fiscella, insurance fraud investigator, trainer and speaker, as she discusses the unique characteristics of senior fraudsters and how to investigate them effectively.

The webinar will cover:

  • historical, sociological, and economic reasons for the rise in senior fraudsters
  • special considerations for conducting claim investigations with this demographic
  • strategies for conducting interviews with seniors
  • case studies of senior insurance scammers

Webinar Presenter

Christina Fiscella
Christina Fiscella

Christina Fiscella has more than 23 years of experience investigating insurance fraud and white collar crime, as a criminal detective for the NJ Attorney General's office, and SIU investigator for several large P&C insurance carriers. She specializes in property related investigations involving fraud and corruption, as well as a professional public speaker and trainer. She has presented at industry seminars, instructed law enforcement and claims personnel on insurance fraud trends and investigations. Christina is a Fraud Claim Law Specialist and licensed private detective in the state of NJ.

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