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How to Boost Your School's Title IX Compliance Using Case Management Software

A case management system protects both your students and your school

Posted by Ann Snook on August 26th, 2020

New Title IX requirements took effect on August 14, meaning that many institutions are scrambling to update their policies and procedures. Schools must change the way they address sexual harassment on campus, making Title IX compliance a major focus for the beginning of the school year.

Because the regulatory environment is changing, it’s the perfect time to implement a new case management system. Unlike spreadsheets and paper-based systems, case management software streamlines Title IX compliance. Here’s how.


One tool can help you conduct better Title IX investigations.

Case management software provides all the information you need to identify risks and trends to implement better prevention programs. It helps you resolve incidents faster to improve safety and be compliant with Title IX. Learn how in our free eBook.

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Set Up a Strong Reporting Mechanism


Victims and witnesses have the right to report Title IX violations, and it’s up to schools to tell them how to do it. Inform students, staff, parents and applicants about both your internal reporting mechanisms and how to file a complaint with police.

Case management software ensures you capture all complaints and investigate them in a timely fashion.

Each time someone submits a tip using your institution’s hotline, webform, email or other intake mechanism, the software instantly creates a new case file. By populating the file with information from the report, case management software eliminates time spent on data entry, letting you get right to work on assigning and resolving the case.


Create Compliant Investigation Reports


Another important aspect of Title IX compliance is sending a final investigation report to all parties involved 10 days before the outcome is finalized. This report must contain:

  • Initial allegations
  • Policy that was violated
  • Parties involved
  • Evidence gathered
  • Summary of interviews
  • Other relevant information


Remembering to include all the information you need can be difficult, especially when investigators are juggling multiple cases at once. Case management software makes this process easier.

Look for a system that can generate your final investigation report with the click of a mouse, pulling all the information you need from the case file. This ensures reports are thorough, accurate and compliant and reduces time spent on paperwork.


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Conduct Better Investigations


Title IX investigations must be timely, thorough, fair and addressed within the mandated timeframe. Failing to do so not only puts students and staff at risk, but can also cause your school to lose its federal funding.

“Being able to identify trends, you are armed with the data to be able to change processes,” says Tiffany Brewer, Manager of Compliance and Effectiveness at Prairie State College. Case management software has helped her assess areas of risk across her institution and advocate for students who submit Title IX concerns. “I’m able to do more in less time and it makes me more efficient and it makes me more effective,” she says. You can read the entire case study here.


Schools that fail to properly investigate Title IX violations risk losing the entirety of their federal funding. Download our free Title IX investigation checklist to ensure yours are prompt, fair, consistent and respectful of the rights of all parties.


Document Investigations Thoroughly


Good documentation is important for every type of investigation, but especially for tracking Title IX complaints. They have a strict reporting deadline and are sensitive in nature. As a result, sloppy management puts victims, subjects and your school at risk.

Case management software keeps a complete investigation timeline right in the case file. A time- and date-stamped record shows who took what actions on the case and when. This provides proof of Title IX compliance should your institution be challenged and keeps your investigations on track.


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Use Case Management Software for Title IX Compliance


Case management software helps you mitigate risk by capturing every complaint and improving your investigative process. You’ll not only boost compliance, but also establish your reputation as a school committed to safety and equality.

Ann Snook
Ann Snook

Marketing Writer

Ann is a marketing writer at i-Sight Software. She writes about issues related to investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, corporate security, Title IX, ethics & compliance and more.

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