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Handling Whistleblower Complaints: A Global Perspective for North American Companies

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After last year’s award of more than $30 million to a foreign whistleblower who provided key information leading to a successful SEC enforcement action, it’s clear that whistleblowers don’t need to be in the home country to reap the rewards of their actions. Last year’s award was the largest by the SEC to date and the fourth award to a whistleblower living in a foreign country.

Considering the possible implications of a complaint that goes to the SEC or DOJ, it’s in every company’s best interest to handle internal whistleblower complaints effectively, no matter where they come from.

Join Shannon Walker, President of Whistleblower Security, as she discusses the challenges of whistleblower complaints originating in foreign countries and best practices for handling them effectively.
Webinar attendees will learn about:

  • Challenges of receiving whistleblower complaints from foreign countries (including language, time zones, cultural differences
  • Most common complaints received by North American companies from foreign subsidiaries or branches
  • Regulatory issues surrounding the receiving and investigation of complaints that come from outside North America
  • Common pitfalls of investigating foreign whistleblower complaints
  • Best practices for following up with foreign complainants
Webinar Presenter

Shannon Walker
Shannon Walker

Founder and President, WhistleBlower Security Inc.

Shannon Walker is the Founder and President of WhistleBlower Security Inc., an ethics and risk management company with clients worldwide, that protects and shelters organizations through allowing employees to anonymously report cases of fraud, embezzlement, and harassment, etc.
Shannon served on West Vancouver District Council from 2008-2011. She currently sits on the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation, Dr. Peter Housing Society Boards and the West Vancouver District’s Community Centre Society Services Board.

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