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Enterprise-Wide Case Management: Why an All-in-One Solution is Best for Your Business

Do all of your organization’s departments use different databases? All-in-one case management software streamlines investigations and makes collaboration easy.

Posted by Ann Snook on April 16th, 2019

Is your organization using multiple databases to manage incidents and investigations? Does each department use a different system?

A 2014 study shows that even the idea of collaboration can increase employee productivity. Those who were told they would get to work in a team stuck with their task 64 per cent longer, reported higher levels of engagement and success, and felt less fatigue. Even better? These results lasted for weeks.

Using an all-in-one case management solution lets your organization collaborate and facilitate a more productive workplace.


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Data All In One Place


Do you ever find yourself scrambling trying to find documents you need for a case? With case management software, you don’t have to worry about misplacing evidence or losing data.

You can upload every document and file you need for a case right onto the platform. Storing all your company’s data in one secure central location means no more wasting time trying to track down information.

Having a centralized database for all your cases is perfect for organizations with a large caseload. Keeping all of those cases straight takes a lot of work. With a comprehensive dashboard, action alerts, and control over who can access what information on cases, your team can work more efficiently and effectively.

One of the most helpful features of case management software is its ability to integrate old databases. If your company has different databases for every department, you can automatically upload the data from all of them into one place. No need to re-enter all of that information, which could take hours.


Easy Collaboration Across Departments


You all work in one organization, so you should be able to easily collaborate. Cases often do not fit perfectly into one department or another, so being able to work together is essential.

An all-in-one case management solution works for every department, easily connecting all the investigations in your workplace. With easy-to-use templates and access to the software anywhere with an Internet connection, you can reduce reporting time while collaborating with others.

Each file also shows a chronological timeline of case activity. Users can see what actions were taken on the case and by whom. This eliminates duplication of effort and keeps everyone on schedule whether or not they work in the same department.

The ability to link cases, both manually and automatically based on subjects, location, or incident type, helps departments collaborate on investigations with overlap.

For example, you may be investigating someone for a harassment complaint and find that he was also investigated for theft. Knowing this information (which may have been investigated by another department) can give you valuable data to use in your case.

If you are worried about information privacy when collaborating, don’t be. Case management software lets you set different access levels for each team member. Users can be blocked from viewing certain information on the case or be set to “view only.” This way, sensitive information will never fall into the wrong hands.


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Faster Reporting


Without a case management solution, writing investigation reports takes a lot of time and effort. A collection of databases or paper filing system require hours of work searching for the files you need and creating reports manually. However, case management software generates case reports in seconds.

Whether you want to email them to another department or export them, you can have thorough reports ready whenever someone requests them. This keeps everyone on your team up to date on the investigation.

Reports are always available on demand but you can also schedule automatic monthly, quarterly, or annual reports to be sent out to select team members. This is one less task to remember, reducing stress and time spent pulling a report together at the last minute.


Better Compliance


Being investigated for non-compliance can be damaging to an organization’s reputation and bottom line. Using a case management solution ensures that your investigations are compliant with privacy, security, human rights and other regulations.

Case management software can be configured with form templates you can use for your cases. These reduce your chances of leaving out important data or making reporting errors.

Daily backups, secure off-site storage, and storing in multiple locations protect your files from getting lost, stolen or copied. There’s no need to worry about a reputation-shattering security breach.


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Trend Monitoring


Risk management is a major priority for most organizations. Case management software can help, thanks to its trend-monitoring capabilities.

Using a simple drag-and-drop report generator, you can create pie charts, bar graphs, heat maps and more. Create visual reports analyzing data in your choice of criteria including incident type, subject and date range. Integrate these reports with maps to spot trouble areas that need your attention.

Without a case management solution, analyzing data in this way could take days. A fast and easy report builder lets you spend that time detecting and deterring incidents instead. Case management software helps your organization track trends so you can address issues before they escalate or even start.

report on investigation


Configurable Features


Every organization has different needs and ways of doing things. That is why you shouldn’t settle for a cookie-cutter case management solution.

Your desire for database features configured to your needs or a branded platform should not hold your business back from using case management software. Reports, templates, drop-down menu choices, and even the platform itself can be configured to reflect your organization’s branding and mission.

Unlike some software you can buy “off the shelf,” a configurable all-in-one case management solution lets the user define some features as needed. For example, simple tasks such as adding or deleting employees or changing users’ access rights should not require tech support.


Your Organization Needs Enterprise-Wide Case Management Software


Using an all-in-one case management solution in your organization streamlines investigations across departments and improves cross-functional oversight.

Faster reporting, better compliance, and easy collaboration are just some of the benefits of an enterprise-wide case management solution. After you start using it, you will wonder how your organization ever functioned without it.


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Ann Snook
Ann Snook

Marketing Writer

Ann is a marketing writer at i-Sight Software. She writes about issues related to investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, corporate security, Title IX, ethics & compliance and more.

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