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Effective Fraud Investigations: 10 Keys to a Successful Outcome

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A fraud investigation determines whether some scam has occurred and gathers evidence both to prove improper conduct and identify weaknesses in internal controls. A fraud investigation tends to be forensic in nature, emphasizing documentation rather than mostly witness interviews. And, of course, these investigations look to prove criminality as well as violations of internal policies.

But a fraud investigation is still a workplace investigation. The same techniques, best practices and investigator boundaries apply. A thorough and fair investigation is always more important than a quick one, and the same basic rules should apply to any type of workplace investigation.

The evidence gathering may be different, but the core of the investigation – the interview process, conclusions and reporting – should follow standard best practices.

Join Meric Bloch, Certified Fraud Examiner, expert investigator and trainer, as he outlines the 10 keys to conducting a successful fraud investigation.

The webinar will cover:

  • Planning the investigation
  • Fundamentals of evidence gathering
  • Interviewing the involved parties
  • Drawing a conclusion
  • Writing an effective fraud investigation report

Webinar Presenter

Meric Craig Bloch
Meric Craig Bloch

Principal, Winter Compliance LLC

Meric Craig Bloch is the Principal of Winter Compliance LLC, a consulting practice helping organizations create effective internal investigations programs through investigation process design, investigator training, and investigations management. He has designed, implemented and managed the workplace-investigations processes for multinational Fortune 500 companies, trained thousands of HR and compliance professionals to conduct investigations and has conducted more than 400 internal investigations of fraud and serious workplace misconduct in the US and internationally.

Meric is an attorney, a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional – Fellow, a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Professional Certified Investigator and has written two books on investigations as well as chapters in industry publications. He is on the faculty of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics’ Basic Compliance and Ethics Academy.

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