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Dynamic Case Management Software Keeps Investigators in the Field

Flexible and adaptable, dynamic solutions maximize existing processes instead of dictating them

Posted by Dawn Lomer on January 22nd, 2013

When companies look for case management software to manage their investigations, they often come upon solutions that tout best practices and workflow processes that have been identified as desirable for investigating workplace misconduct and corruption. But one view of how to manage an internal investigation may not always be a perfect fit for everyone.

This is where adaptive or dynamic case management comes into play. Rather than imposing a “best-practices” inspired workflow and structure on a company’s processes, dynamic case management assumes that the company buying the solution has some idea of the workflow that’s most effective for its own processes and needs a solution that is flexible and can be adapted to its workflow.

Why Dynamic Case Management?

The increasing number of “knowledge workers” points to the need for systems that give employees the power to make decisions and recognizes that their effectiveness comes from teamwork, communication, collaboration and the ability to determine their next steps as part of their work processes. Dynamic case management answers all these requirements with customizable, flexible systems that allow employees to structure their work in a way that makes sense.

“Dynamic case management is a step forward in user empowerment, flexibility and productivity,” says Jason Victor, Director of IT at i-Sight Software. “It helps companies to improve efficiency by giving employees, customers and partners tools that enhance their ability to get their jobs done, without dictating their workflow and processes.”

Dynamic Case Management for Investigations

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Some processes, such as investigations, are especially well suited to dynamic case management. Investigators need the flexibility to be able to follow the path of their investigations, without being tied to a rigid process. They need the ability to attach files in various formats at any time throughout the process and from anywhere in the world.

Investigators may need to skip steps, repeat steps, share information and collaborate during investigations. And managers need to see the real-time status of the work. Many (non-adaptive) case management systems simply act as a repository instead of as a tool for collaboration, information sharing and report generation.

“We’ve been providing dynamic case management software since 1999,” says Victor. “Our system provides the flexibility knowledge workers need to be effective. We can make changes and configure the processes to work the way our clients need them to work, not the other way around.”

What’s Dynamic About It?

With true dynamic case management, companies can:

  • modify their systems and access levels as the workplace evolves and employees come and go
  • assign one or more investigators to a case
  • assign tasks to anyone in the organization

The case file contains all the communication and completed assignments. Users can configure alerts and reporting is streamlined and rapid.

Mobile Access Anywhere, Anytime

The most dynamic solutions allow investigators to access cases from anywhere there’s an internet connection, making their time outside the office more productive. A truly mobile solution keeps investigators away from their desks and out in the field, where they get the most valuable work done.

Less Administration

One of the biggest advantages of dynamic case management is the reduction in administration time. Configuring a system to do the administrative and reporting tasks as part of the process and in a way that suits the circumstances of the organization saves time and allows investigators to get on with the job of investigating.


Dawn Lomer
Dawn Lomer

Manager of Communications

Dawn Lomer is the Manager of Communications at i-Sight Software and a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE). She writes about topics related to workplace investigations, ethics and compliance, data security and e-discovery, and hosts i-Sight webinars.

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