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Case Management Software Pricing: 8 Things to Consider

The cost of a case management system may be less than you think. Here’s what you need to know.

Posted by Ann Snook on May 13th, 2020

If you’re in the market for a new case management system, there is a lot to consider. What do you need to use it for? How large is your organization? How quickly do you need to implement it?

For many organizations, case management software pricing is a key factor in their purchase decision. But what determines the cost? Review these eight items that affect the price of case management software to streamline your buying process.


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1. Configuration


Some case management systems can be configured to meet your organization’s (or department’s) needs. Overall complexity, workflow requirements and the number of processes you want to configure all contribute to the cost of your solution.

“Off the shelf,” cookie cutter solutions are the least expensive, but require the most work to fit them into your processes. A highly configured system costs the most, but is easier to implement and doesn’t require any adjustments or compromises to your workflows.

Think of it this way: a pair of shoes from a department store is inexpensive, but may not fit you well. A pair you got custom-made to your feet have a higher price tag, but fit you perfectly. Case management systems are similar.


2. Number of Departments


Some case management systems can be used enterprise-wide, with a unique configuration of workflows and features for each department. Your company could use case management software for one or many of the following functions:

  • Human resources
  • Ethics and compliance
  • Fraud investigations
  • Incident management
  • Brand protection
  • Complaints management
  • Harassment investigations
  • Corporate security
  • Health and safety
  • Loss prevention
  • SIU and OIG
  • Title IX investigations
  • Education (K-12 and higher education)


The more departments that want to use the system, the higher the price. This is simply because more work is required to create the system.

One way to offset this cost is to implement a case management system in one department at a time, save funds and expand the system to another department later.


3. Number of Users


The number of users working on your system also affects case management software pricing.

Many solutions charge a per user, per year licensing fee. More users means more profiles to create and maintain and more information to store and protect.

Whether you have two users or hundreds, case management software has incredible return on investment (ROI). By helping you work more efficiently, avoid fines and penalties and reduce risk in your organization, your new system could pay for itself in a matter of months.


4. Amount of Storage


Next, consider how much storage you will need. Storing data requires not only space, but also security and privacy measures, both of which increase in cost the more data you have.

If you run a small business that only conducts a few investigations per year, you’ll need less storage. Larger companies that create thousands of cases per year need more. Using the system for more than one department in your organization (as mentioned above) increases your storage needs and, as a result, the price of a case management solution.


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5. On-Premise vs. Cloud Hosted


The next factor to consider is where and how you want your system to be hosted.

Cloud-based software is hosted on a network of remote servers, while on-premise systems are installed on your company’s local servers and devices.

On-premise hosting often has a higher annual fee, as well as your own infrastructure costs and in-house support staff. When your data is hosted via the vendor in the cloud, the cost is often lower. You also won’t have any internal server maintenance and security costs.


6. Integrations


Do you want to integrate an existing system into your case management software? Doing so can increase the cost of your new system.

For instance, you may want to integrate your:

  • HR database
  • Document management system
  • Customer relation management system
  • Case intake systems


The cost of integrations depends on number and complexity. Vendors usually charge a one-time setup fee, as well as annual fees for support and maintenance.

Integrations eliminate time-consuming data entry and keeping internal systems up to date. Often the additional fees pay for themselves quickly in saved time and working hours.


7. Data Migration


New data and cases aren’t the only thing you’ll need to store on your case management system. You’ll also need to migrate old files into the system so you can easily search them and make connections to them with newer files.

Moving your company’s old data over to a new solution requires hours of quality assurance, business analysis and development. The more historical data you have, the more time it will take the vendor to conduct these processes, leading to a higher cost.


8. Project Services


Finally, the amount of time a vendor will need to spend on project services affects case management software pricing.

First, they’ll conduct a business analysis to help you determine the size, complexity and configurations your company and/or department needs. After you purchase case management software, vendor representatives will also spend time training your team on how to use your new system.

Larger, more complex systems will take more of the vendor’s time and, thus, are more expensive. If you have a smaller team to train or system to build, your solution will probably cost less.


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How Much Does Case Management Software Cost?


By considering these factors, you can make your buying process more efficient and possibly less expensive. Identify your “must-haves” and the features you can do without to find a system that fits both your needs and your budget.

Ann Snook
Ann Snook

Marketing Writer

Ann is a marketing writer at i-Sight Software. She writes about issues related to investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, corporate security, Title IX, ethics & compliance and more.

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