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5 Revolutionary Ways to Use AI for Customer Complaint Management

AI is revolutionizing customer complaint management, making customer service easier for agents and more convenient for customers.

Posted by Ann Snook on September 10th, 2019

In the past few decades, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the way companies handle customer complaints. With new innovations popping up constantly, Gartner predicts that by next year, 85 per cent of customer interactions will be managed by AI.

The way customers shop for products and interact with brands is changing, so your customer complaint management approach should, too. Using AI can make the complaint handling process easier and faster for workers and customers alike.


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1. Voice Analysis Aids Communication


One of the most prevalent uses for AI in customer complaint management is voice analysis. This technology analyzes both the customer service representative’s and customer’s voices to detect tone and emotion.

This program sends agents notifications when they need to be more upbeat, when to escalate the complaint to a manager and when the customer is in “a heightened emotional state.” By helping agents adjust their tone to properly address the customer’s emotional needs, it boosts their chance of a successful resolution.

IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer takes the technology a step further, integrating with chatbots and conducting social listening to help it predict customers’ emotions. The AI receives audio input and analyzes it for one of seven tones (sadness, frustration, satisfaction, excitement, sympathy, politeness and impoliteness). Then, the algorithm predicts the speaker’s emotion based on which tones show at least 0.5 per cent probability.

While using voice analysis can help customer service reps take faster, more focused action toward resolving a complaint, the technology has also been used for less benevolent purposes. Some companies use AI to determine customers’ “breakpoints”, or how far they can be pushed until they abandon the brand. Analyzing tone and behavior to see how long they can keep someone on hold may save these companies money, but could also cost them some loyal customers.


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2. Self Service Chatbots


Because customers can be connected to the internet 24/7, many prefer faster, self-serve options for customer service. While some customers turn to FAQ pages or external forums for help, others are looking for reliable resolutions without human interaction. An AI chatbot is the best of both worlds.

Not only does a digital-only self service option appeal to younger generations of customers, but it also reduces the amount of time and money you need to spend on customer service. Some companies offer a chatbot as a first point resolution for customer complaint management with the option to talk to a real person at any point in the interaction. Those who want a human-free resolution can use it exclusively, while those with a more complex problem can choose to escalate it to a human agent.


3. Conversational Commerce with Messaging App Bots


No one likes waiting on hold for customer service. In fact, 72 per cent of millennials believe that a phone call isn’t the best way to solve a complaint. Many brands have focused on social media as alternative channels for customer complaint management, but messaging apps are the way of the future. One report shows that messaging apps now have more active monthly users than top social media platforms.

AI chatbots connected to your company’s messaging app profile offer fast, casual interactions with customers. For example, the Domino’s chatbot will take your order when you type “pizza” into a message on Facebook Messenger and tracks your order when you ask Amazon’s Alexa to do so.

Conversational commerce like this allows customers to shop or ask questions using chat or voice-based communication whenever and wherever they please. Not only is this method convenient for customers, it also opens up an entire new channel while at the same time reducing the number of agents you need.


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4. Automated Inquiry Routing Ensures Correct Classification


Submitting a customer service inquiry often involves classifying the complaint, whether it’s pushing a number on the phone or checking a box on a webform. However, customers may classify their inquiry incorrectly, especially if they are frustrated over an issue.

AI can speed up the customer complaint management process by figuring out the customer’s intent and routing them to the right agent automatically. The technology learns words and phrases commonly used in inquires, then predicts the nature, tone and other details of the complaint. Because agents don’t have to contextualize the inquiry or direct it to someone else, response time is cut down significantly.

AI customer complaint management

Courtesy of DigitalGenius


5. Activity Monitoring Resolves Issues Before They Arise


Wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent customer issues rather than just respond to them? AI technology can make that possible.

AI systems can analyze website or app data, looking for “distress indicators, identifying customers experiencing issues and what those issues are,” according to IBM. Then, the digital agent offers preemptive support by directing the customer to the FAQ page or giving advice based on their problem.

Resolving customer service issues before they happen keeps customers happy and saves agents time. This process could also lower abandonment rates, as customers aren’t stuck with an unresolved question that leads them to an easier purchase elsewhere.


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AI in Customer Complaint Management


With AI, customer complaint management has become easier, faster, more accurate and more convenient. Using this technology can provide a level of responsiveness that human agents could never achieve on their own. Embracing AI is one way to establish a reputation for top-notch customer service.

Ann Snook
Ann Snook

Marketing Writer

Ann is a marketing writer at i-Sight Software. She writes about issues related to investigations of fraud, employee misconduct, corporate security, Title IX, ethics & compliance and more.

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