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Drag and drop data fields into one of 77 report formats


Build Comprehensive Reports

With i-Sight, generating comprehensive summary reports is as easy as dragging and dropping data fields into one of 77 report formats.

Reports can be created using any data field and are used to analyze investigation trends and areas of risk as well as opportunities for training and improvement.

i-Sight’s powerful summary reports are used by hundreds of companies all over the world to improve oversight and reduce risk through in-depth analysis of investigation data. By comparing incidents or results by location or type you can spot troubled areas and target your training to address weaknesses. Supervisors can oversee team productivity to ensure investigations stay on track, and take steps to avert problems before they escalate.

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Report Builder

i-Sight’s drag-and-drop report builder makes it easy to create powerful, beautiful, summary reports by region, case type, investigator, department, country, etc.

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The ability to analyze investigation data helps companies manage risk


Trend Reports

Look at investigation data from different perspectives to analyze trends and forecast future needs, risks and opportunities.

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GIS Reports

Generate reports using Global Information System data to get insight into trend data by geographical area.

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Oversight and Exception Reports

Alert managers and executive teams of performance issues by investigator, department, region, country, etc, so that they can take corrective action.

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“With i-Sight’s reporting tools, we can now more easily identify the broken processes and fix them so that the problem goes away.”

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Keep all the summary reports, open cases and information you need to have most frequently at your fingertips.

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Print, export to PowerPoint or PDF documents and publish, share or broadcast your i-Sight reports to recipients on a pre-set schedule or individually.

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