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Publishing & Sharing

Print and Download Reports

Investigative summary reports can be printed or exported and published, shared or emailed according to a schedule or on an ad hoc basis.

Printed reports are convenient for hard-copy distribution in meetings and for reading in places where computers and devices are unavailable or inconvenient. i-Sight reports can also be downloaded, converted to various formats and saved on a device for offline scrutiny.

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Email Scheduled Reports

Each report you build in i-Sight can be set up for automatic sharing using the broadcast feature. You simply select the people who should be included on the email and set the frequency of the report delivery. i-Sight will automatically update the report and email the distribution list.

i-Sight Fact

Each report you build in i-Sight can be set up for automatic sharing using the broadcast feature.

Publishing & Sharing

E-mail and Export Reports

It’s easy to export i-Sight summary reports as:

  • MS Word documents for sharing and including in reports
  • PowerPoint files for use in meetings and presentations
  • PDF files for emailing or for use in meetings and presentations
  • Excel spreadsheets and CSV files for analysis, sorting and distribution
  • These exported versions of your reports can be downloaded or emailed as an attachment.
Schedule Alerts

Share reports based only when it matters by setting the criteria for when a report should be emailed. For example, you might have a report showing the number of new cases received each day. You could setup an alert so that you only get that report if the average number of cases changes by more than 20%.


Use Storyboards to publish engaging and data rich presentations – think of them as a mix between live reports and PowerPoint. You can combine interactive reports with text to create and share presentations. You can apply your own custom themes to control the look and feel.

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i-Sight has enabled our group to run more efficiently, while providing valuable information to our internal groups in a timely, user friendly format.”

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Case Information All In One Place →

Search files, track expenses and time, and access an entire case history, including notes, emails and evidence. The case file is a complete audit trail.

Access Roles →

Customizable pre-defined access roles allow authorized users to see and/or change cases based on their role levels.

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