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“there’s never been an issuethat they couldn’t remedy”

Jonaura Wisdom, Los Angeles Metro

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We’ve been doing this since 1999 and have deep knowledge of best practices for implementing software solutions for investigators. We bring a solid understanding of your industry to the table and design a solution tailored to your business. Our focus on delivering a superior investigative case management software platform is evident in everything we do, from our partnership with industry experts to our ongoing skills training and education. i-Sight’s proven track record of projects completed on time, on budget and on target speaks for itself.

Above and Beyond

Customer Service

Because we understand that our reputation within the investigative community is critical to our continued success, we go above and beyond for our clients offering customer support that’s second-to-none. Drop us a line and we’ll connect you with existing clients who can share their experiences with i-Sight.



Better Processes

i-Sight’s team of senior advisors will work with you to identify key success factors and performance indicators and to develop a meaningful, detailed definition of project success that is understood by all the stakeholders.



Customer Support

i-Sight’s customer support team members are in-house, full-time staff members who are experts in the systems we implement. They’re dedicated developers with years of experience supporting our customers. In fact, they may have helped deploy your system.



Training Team

i-Sight’s dedicated training team helps clients get the most out of their new investigative case management systems by providing live training sessions on-site and online. Our training library is a valuable resource for self-directed training. We want you to use our system to its full capacity and we’ll help you get there.

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