Our Management Team

Our management team embodies the company's core values - empathy and teamwork

Our Founders

In the late 90s, Ray Gerard and Geoff English, two former technology executives, saw a niche for customized software that didn’t force users into rigid, pre-configured systems, and founded i-Sight. Since then, the company has developed into a global leader in the provision of configurable case management software for investigations.

Today, the privately held, Ottawa-based company is run by three partners whose collective vision and focus on innovation have positioned it as an industry leader.

Our Management Team


Joe Gerard

Beginning his career with i-Sight in 1999, Joe’s entrepreneurial roots run deep. At the age of 15 he ran a successful ice cream peddling business, recruiting his parents into the supply chain to keep his freezers stocked on busy days. Today he puts his business acumen to the test as CEO of i-Sight and is always looking to push the envelope, whether it’s with new product ideas, sales strategy or breaking the sound barrier in his Subaru Impreza. When he isn’t at work, Joe’s two young daughters keep him busy, but not busy enough to stop him from working at lowering his six handicap on the golf course. Joe has a Bachelor of International Business (with Honors) from Carleton University.


Geoff English

Before co-founding i-Sight, Geoff spent 12 years in large engineering firms where he held positions ranging from construction and production management to quality assurance and process re-engineering. Although Geoff designed our original application, he long ago handed that responsibility over to other talented individuals and now has the tireless job of leading the company’s finance operations with an eye for detail that James Bond would envy. Spurred on by his kids, Geoff is still out skiing and biking but has given up on windsurfing. Geoff holds a diploma in Industrial Engineering, which he settled on after dabbling in Architecture and Economics at both the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.


Jason Victor

A senior manager at a fortune 500 company for 12 years before joining i-Sight in 2000, Jason is an engineer by both trade and personality. As the builder of the first version of i-Sight, Jason has a hands-on approach to the business and is sometimes accused of being a workaholic. It’s not uncommon for his staff to receive emails sent at 3am. Jason was known to fuel his caffeine addiction with Tim Hortons and cherry Coke, until recently embarking on the path to healthier living. A hockey dad, Redskins fan and soccer fanatic, Jason could star in a commercial for Ford, currently driving his seventh vehicle of that make. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University and is a Six Sigma Black Belt.


Gerry Williams

A Newfoundlander with an aversion to seafood despite his Atlantic Canada roots, Gerry still managed to turn a profit from it as a youngster, “cutting out cod tongues” and selling them for $1/dozen. A devoted husband and father, Gerry has visited Disney World five times. He’s an avid golfer and a semi-pro billiards player who has travelled as far as New York, Louisville and Las Vegas to compete. At work, Gerry’s penchant for 80s music has his team rolling their eyes while his work ethic keeps them on their toes. Since graduating from Memorial University with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1995, Gerry held engineering and senior project management positions at Nortel Networks and Airbus before joining i-Sight in 2015.


Kris Hall

Always smiling, Kris gives off the impression that keeping i-Sight’s data centers running smoothly is a piece of cake. Maybe it’s his Starbucks addiction that keeps this avid sailor on an even keel. With a background in operations and network capacity planning at Alstom/ABB, Kris has deep knowledge of best practices and ensures i-Sight’s network is always stable and secure. A healthy dedication to his family, especially his two young boys, has given Kris an uncanny knowledge of every character in the Cars series of children’s movies. After living on the east coast of Canada for a short time, Kris dreams of packing it all in one day and retiring to a little house on the ocean with a sailboat in his backyard.

Director of Sales

Neil Ritchie

Neil’s experience as a project manager in biotechnology and at an HR consulting firm have served him well at i-Sight. But it’s his drive and commitment to personal development that have fueled his success in sales management. As director of sales, he cultivates customer relationships and supports the entire sales team with contract negotiation, training and account management. A self-proclaimed sports fanatic, Neil loves to participate in, watch and talk about sports. He plays hockey, basketball and volleyball, but it’s his annual week-long, multi-state road trip with friends that shows how far he’ll go to see his favourite teams. Neil’s active lifestyle leaves little downtime. If he’s not on the go, he’s dabbling in real estate and reading personal development books. Neil has a BA from Trinity Western University and Summit Pacific College in British Columbia.

Director of Partnership Development and Government Sales

Jakub Ficner

Jakub manages relationships with some of the world’s most forward-thinking technology partners. In a role that requires him to juggle complex relationships with many moving pieces, Jakub relies on his business acumen to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders with a common goal. With so many balls in the air at work, Jakub enjoys his downtime, playing squash regularly, cycling and relaxing at the cottage with a paintbrush and canvas, scotch and cigar at hand. Enthusiastic travellers, Jakub and his wife have visited dozens of countries, with plans to add an Asian cruise and cycling in the Alps to the mix. Jakub has been at i-Sight since 2008 and has a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) from the University of Ottawa and an MBA from Purdue University.

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