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Always-On Technology

Our web-based platform is always available, because we know your investigations don’t stop when the office closes.

Need to interview someone after hours? No problem. You can add your interview notes right after the interview, making them available immediately to anyone else working on the case and ensuring you update the investigation file while recollection is still fresh.

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Work Remotely

Investigators can update cases, upload evidence, add information and collaborate with colleagues from their smart phones or tablets on their mobile browsers, freeing them from the office so that they can spend more time investigating.

i-Sight Fact

70 per cent of i-Sight users interact with the application on a mobile device

“Some of our cases might involve three or four investigators in different parts of the state. With i-Sight, they can each enter their own information separately in the case file and it will all be logged in chronological order.”

West Virginia Insurance Commission

Brandable →

Brand the i-Sight interface to reflect your company’s identifying colors and style for a uniform look and feel.

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Generate beautiful, insightful summary reports in minutes, by dragging and dropping fields into one of 77 report formats.

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Find out why i-Sight’s rate of adoption by new users is among the highest in the industry.

Find Things Quickly →

Find things quickly by typing the keyword into the search box accessible from anywhere in the application.

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i-Sight’s friendly interface is simple and attractive and puts the most popular functions front-and-center.

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