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Manage Investigations

Workflow rules create a structured process to follow so that no steps are forgotten.

With all the case information in one place, those with authorized access can collaborate and view investigation progress.

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Consistent Investigation Process

i-Sight enforces a complete and consistent investigation process. Our case management solutions incorporate expertise and best practices learned through the implementation of hundreds of projects over the past 15 years.

i-Sight Fact

8.2 million cases closed since 1999, with 1 million cases closed last year


Complete Record of the Investigation

Every step of your investigation is recorded and review processes can be embedded in the workflow to ensure a complete and thorough investigations is conducted every time.

Control Access to Information

Role-defined access allows colleagues and supervisors to collaborate on cases in real time and keep investigations progressing. A complete audit trail shows who did what and when, providing a detailed history of case activity.

Smart Workflows

Enforce a structured process according to established best practices, from intake, through case assignment and tracking, to resolution.

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Case Information All in One Place

Search files, track expenses and time, and access an entire case history, including notes, emails and evidence. The case file is a complete audit trail.

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Access Roles

Set customized access roles to allow authorized users to see and/or change cases based on their role levels.

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“Anyone who manages a large volume of cases needs a case management solution like this.”

West Virginia Insurance Commission

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Create new cases quickly and easily, collecting all complaints and case-related information from any intake stream into one central file.

Analyze →

Analyze investigation data using i-Sight’s powerful summary reports that provide in-depth information on trends and areas of risk.

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Discover our powerful software platform that is secure and scalable, yet web-accessible and flexible enough for easy integration with other systems.

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Access i-Sight’s intuitive and friendly interface at any time on any computer or mobile device.

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i-Sight’s powerful features simplify your job and boost productivity.

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