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Investigation Dashboard

All in Your Dashboard

Dashboards display complex information about investigations in an easy-to-understand graphical format, using maps, charts, and other graphics to show combinations of results for comparison and analysis.

From the dashboard, you can drill deeper into fields to get more detailed information.

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Real Time Case Status & Trends

i-Sight dashboards provide real-time, action-oriented information about investigations that can easily be printed or shared with your team. Managers can detect emerging trends, identify issues and monitor workloads right from their dashboards.

i-Sight Fact

i-Sight’s dashboards provide a quick and useful way of viewing and understanding complex information

Personalized Dashboards

Add reports to your dashboard and view real time information. It’s all at your fingertips on your customized dashboard that displays only relevant investigative reports.

Investigation Dashboard

Report Case Status in Real Time

The introduction of dashboards allows your business to enhance visibility and allows you to track KPIs, assign goals, and collaborate and share knowledge.

75 Types of Charts, Maps & Graphs

i-Sight’s dashboards provide a quick and useful way of viewing and understanding complex information. Your corporate data is displayed visually with maps, charts and other graphics to show multiple results together. Dashboards are dynamic, allowing users to click through to get deeper into the data sources and pull out more detail behind the investigation results.

Identify Trends:
  • Identify the most common allegations or investigation types
  • Analyze cases by geographic location or other relevant variable
  • Spot patterns and emerging trends
  • Report on the outcomes of your investigations
Monitor Performance:
  • See each team member’s caseload
  • Get real-time information on overdue cases and actions through exception reports
  • Check and compare performance statistics for investigators or locations
  • Watch for slow-moving and overdue cases

Reporting →

Generate insightful, comprehensive summary reports by dragging and dropping data fields into one of 74 report formats.

Publishing & Sharing →

Print, export to PowerPoint or PDF documents and publish, share or broadcast your i-Sight reports to recipients on a pre-set schedule or individually.

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