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Integrate with Existing Systems

Why Integrate?

Software integration is easy with i-Sight.

Our system is often integrated to eliminate time consuming data entry tasks or to ensure that other internal systems have up-to-date investigation information. By integrating with HR systems, for example, users can automatically retrieve employee demographic information without having to enter data manually.

i-Sight has been integrated with many databases and platforms. Our team of experts can integrate i-Sight with any ODBC-compliant database including SAP, ORACLE, JD Edwards, CRM systems, document management systems and others.

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Web Services

As a hosted solution provider we have helped lead the charge towards the use of web services as the preferred method of integration. Web services provide a simple and secure way to integrate.

i-Sight Fact

Users only have one username and password that enables access to all applications


Integrate with Existing Systems

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Business users often access a number of software applications over the course of their day, and must remember a different username and password for each application. This creates security concerns as most users simply write down their credentials on a sticky note or piece of paper that’s kept in plain sight on their desk or stuck to their monitor.
With i-Sight’s integrated case management system, Single Sign-On is deployed so that users only have one username and password that enables them to access all the applications. Users simply logon to the network and gain access to all their applications.

Batch Processing Automation

Another option is to configure i-Sight for automated batching processes via secure FTP. Batch processing automation is normally used for the transfer of large data sets that are not updated frequently.

“The bottom line is that i-Sight has enabled our group to run more efficiently, while providing valuable information to our internal groups in a timely, user friendly format.”

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Secure →

Comply with international regulations for information privacy and data security.

Web Enabled & Mobile Optimized →

Access files from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time and on any device that can access the web.

Scalable →

Configure i-Sight for any number of users across departments, regions and countries.

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