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We believe that the rise of the Internet, the rise of mobility and the rise of social media have all led to the consumerization of the enterprise.

A phrase that describes the changing expectations business users place on their enterprise software applications. Workers today expect the applications they use at work to perform as well as the applications they use at home or on their mobile devices.

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Our Focus on User Experience and Design

Today, 75 per cent of businesses support the use of personal mobile devices for work. This rise in mobility means that many business people have been able to find and use applications on their own. Applications that were not endorsed or supported by their IT organizations were being adopted by large groups within the enterprise.

With this increased use of cutting edge mobile technology, these business users also participated in the rise of social media. These social networks have set the de facto standards for user experience and user interface design, much the same as Microsoft did before them.

All of this leads to new expectations that enterprise applications look, feel and perform as well as Facebook, Twitter and Google Apps.

We’re excited about these trends because we believe our focus on user experience and design is what sets i-Sight apart. It is one of our core competitive advantages.

i-Sight Fact

75% of businesses support the use of personal mobile devices for work

“i-Sight was the most user-friendly tool we found. We could also implement it pretty quickly across all countries.”


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Brand the i-Sight interface to reflect your company’s identifying colors and style for a uniform look and feel.

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Generate beautiful, insightful summary reports in minutes, by dragging and dropping fields into one of 77 report formats.

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Access i-Sight from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. It’s convenient and accessible 24-7.

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Find out why i-Sight’s rate of adoption by new users is among the highest in the industry.

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Find things quickly by typing the keyword into the search box accessible from anywhere in the application.

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