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Smarter, Easier Search

i-Sight’s easy search function ensures you can find the information you need quickly.

Simply type a keyword into the search bar and click on search. i-Sight’s powerful search engine will return a list of cases, folders, files, notes and messages that contain the keyword.

The search field is available no matter where you are in the application to ensure you are never far from the information you need.

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Search Ahead

Just like Google, the i-Sight search is smart enough to guess what the user is looking for. As you begin to enter you search keyword, i-Sight will present the most likely search result grouped by Cases, Parties, To-Do’s or Files.

i-Sight Fact

Did you know that i-Sight users save a combined total of 2,400,000 hours annually

Find Things Quickly

Advanced & Saved Searches

i-Sight also has ‘Advanced Search’ so users can create custom queries that narrow the potential search results. These advanced searches can also be saved for easy access

“Having a centralized repository for all information has been extremely helpful. We can easily find information and can generate letters and reports quickly and consistently.”

Underwriters Laboratories

Brandable →

Brand the i-Sight interface to reflect your company’s identifying colors and style for a uniform look and feel.

Beautiful Reports →

Generate beautiful, insightful summary reports in minutes, by dragging and dropping fields into one of 77 report formats.

Mobile Friendly Technology →

i-Sight can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. It’s convenient and accessible 24-7.

Adoption →

Because it’s so easy to use, i-Sight’s rate of adoption by new users is among the highest in the industry.

Friendly Interface →

i-Sight’s friendly interface is simple and attractive and puts the most popular functions front-and-center.

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