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i-Sight Streamlines Your Investigations and Lets You Analyze Your Data to Focus On Prevention

i-Sight’s powerful case management software helps your team stay organized, productive and accountable, with configurable workflows, deep search, one-click case reports and insightful analytics.


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How i-Sight Works


Multiple options for intake ensure no complaints or reports slip through the cracks.

Case Management

Streamlined case management keeps investigations on track with every activity logged and all case information in one place.


Powerful reporting gives you deep insight into your data for effective prevention and risk management.


i-Sight offers multiple options for intake including an anonymous web form, hotline, email and manual entry. Integrate with your existing hotline or use ours.

Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Save time and eliminate mistakes through integration with multiple intake systems and databases.

Flag Related Parties and Cases

On case creation, i-Sight suggests similar parties that you can select and add to the case, saving you time and ensuring you have the full picture as your start your investigation. Suggested links alert you to other related cases. You decide which fields to configure for related parties and cases.

Case Management Software

i-Sight’s case management features, tools and workflows keep your team on track for faster resolutions and better prevention.

Manage Cases in a Way That Makes Sense to You

Fully configurable workflows ensure that appropriate reviews and approvals—triggered by alerts and reminders—keep the investigation moving forward. Every activity is recorded in the centralized case file, dated and time-stamped, providing proof of a thorough investigation. A graphical case status timeline shows your case progression at a glance.

Flexible Case Management

Track multiple allegations, parties, and corrective actions in the same case file.

Configurable workflow

i-Sight stays up to date as your business changes. Configure i-Sight’s custom forms, fields, and workflows to capture any kind of case type, party, or incident. Any new forms or fields are automatically added to your reporting, so you don’t lose data or miss trends.

Automate Processes and Report Distribution

Let the software do thinking for you by setting up automated tasks and to-dos that ensure every case is handled consistently and efficiently. Schedule automated distribution of reports to stakeholders to keep them informed.

Configure Secure Access to Case Information

Collaborate on cases and communicate with others in real time with secure, configurable role-based access from anywhere at any time. You can restrict access to cases all the way down to the field level.

Quick and Easy Case Report Creation

With all your investigation information stored in one place, you can create
comprehensive investigation reports with a single click. i-Sight pulls all the
information from the case file into a complete, professional investigation report.





i-Sight’s insightful reports help you spot trends and risks so you can focus on prevention and make better business decisions.



Drag-and-Drop Report Builder

Create flowcharts, line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, heat maps and many more report types by dragging and dropping the fields onto a report template.

Data Visualization in a Variety of Formats

Pinpoint where and when corrective or preventive action is required and provide real-time information on overdue cases, missed deadlines and incomplete tasks.

GIS Reports Show Incident Location Data

Combine maps with any report or dashboard for meaningful location intelligence, such as geographic clusters and outliers.


Keep multiple cases organized and moving forward with features that improve the speed and efficiency of your investigations.

Home Screen and Dashboard

View case information, open to-do’s, upcoming tasks and outstanding activities, all in one place. Managers can analyze their team’s dashboards to track KPIs, assign goals, detect emerging trends, identify issues, monitor workloads and collaborate.

Calendar View

See upcoming deadlines, to-dos, appointments and tasks by day, week, month and year in the user-friendly calendar. Add, move, schedule and create task templates for repeated activities, saving time and eliminating duplicate effort.


i-Sight’s search field is available in every screen in the application to ensure you are never far from the information you need. Save your searches to run again without inputting the parameters repeatedly.

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