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Tools to Help You Understand the PEACE Model of Investigative Interviews

The PEACE model

Learn How the PEACE Model Can Make You a Better Investigator

The investigation interview is the most important information gathering tool available to an investigator.

In order to get the most detailed information from interview subjects and ensure a truthful, non-confrontational interview, many savvy investigators are embracing the PEACE method of investigative interviewing. This method, based on rapport building and a conversational approach, has been shown to result in fewer false confessions and a more pleasant interview experience for the interviewer and subject.

We’ve put together a collection of resources to help you explore the merits of the PEACE method and to use this framework to enhance your investigative skills.

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Helpful PEACE Model Resources

Ethical Investigation Interviews: The PEACE Model Webinar

John Hoda outlines the elements of the PEACE Model of investigation interviewing and explains how each element is used to lead to a truthful outcome.

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