Resources for Conducting an Online Investigation

Methods and tools for conducting an online investigation are constantly changing. It’s important for investigators to stay ahead of new strategies and technologies used to find information online.

Investigators have at their fingertips a vast amount of information about their subjects that they can unlock with a few keystrokes. But they need to know where and how they can access these web and the deep web sources of intelligence. From social media to the underground economy, the internet contains valuable evidence for investigators who know how to find it.

Our collection of informative webinars, eBooks, cheat sheets and articles will having you conducting every online investigation like a pro.

Advanced Resources and Tools for Online Investigations

The internet can provide invaluable information to investigators, but you need to know where to find it and how to use it. This webinar explains where to find helpful intelligence and online investigative techniques you might not know about.

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How to Investigate Anonymously Online Using Tor Browser Bundle

If a subject finds out that you’re investigating them online, they might destroy evidence, collaborate with witnesses or worse. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the Tor browser bundle to keep your browsing activity anonymous as you investigate.

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Authenticating Social Media Evidence

Part of a series on using social media in investigations, this article explains how to create an screencast to prove that the social media profiles (and posts) you found on your subject are authentic.

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Tips for Successful Social Media Investigations

With so many social networks these days, searching them for information during an investigation can be challenging. This eBook includes tips on how to search the major networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), how to preserve social media evidence, and legal considerations.

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Tips and Tools for Conducting an Online Investigation

More Online Investigation Resources

Investigating Online: Conducting Pre-Interview Research

Doing some background research online before meeting an interview subject can help investigators build rapport and determine their questioning approach. In this webinar, you’ll learn what types of information to look for, where to find them and common mistakes to avoid.

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social media in fraud investigations

Using Social Media in Investigations

Keep this free cheat sheet handy for when you need a refresher on using social media in your investigations. It includes tips on how to access, preserve and authenticate social media evidence legally and ethically.

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deep web searches

Conducting Online Investigations Using Deep Web Resources

There is so much more helpful information on the internet for investigators that can’t be found through regular search engines. This article outlines when you should utilize the deep web and ways to search it.

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Investigation Report Template

An investigation report reflects your hard work, so it needs to be thorough, compliant and consistent across investigations. Make writing yours quick and easy with this free investigation report template.

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