Investigation Tools

Conduct better investigations with this collection of tips and tools. Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, fine-tune an existing one or just brush up on what’s available, you’ll find tools for every stage of your investigation here.

Investigation Report Template

Many investigators find writing the final report to be the toughest part of the investigation. This template makes it quick and easy.

Investigation Report Template

Interview Techniques: The PEACE Method

The investigation interview is the most important part of the investigation. But many investigators struggle to master this skill. The PEACE Method provides an ethical framework.

The PEACE Method

Investigation Interview Skills

Conducting interviews takes patience, planning and well-developed interpersonal skills. This article provides 40 essential tips to help you get this step right.

40 Tips for Effective Investigation Interviews

Conduct An Investigation from Start to Finish

This step-by-step article will take you from the initial report of misconduct to the conclusion and final investigation report, with examples and guidance to ensure your investigation follows best practices.

How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation Step-by-Step

Stages of an Investigation

More tips and tools for every stage of your investigation

Tools for Planning the Investigation

A comprehensive investigation plan ensures the investigation stays on track and keeps everyone accountable and following a logical process.

Investigation Plan Template

Research Tools

You’ll be amazed at how much information you can find online. You just need to know where to look.

OSINT Links for Investigators

Investigation Interviewing Tools

Today’s investigators must be aware of the dangers of using aggressive interrogation tactics that intimidate witnesses and compromise the quality of the information they glean from interview subjects.

Webinar: Interview Techniques and False Confessions

Investigation Report Tools

Your investigative report reflects on you and your investigation, so make sure it’s as clear, comprehensive, accurate and polished as possible.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Investigation Reports

Great Software is the Best Investigation Tool

Investigations are complex, our software tool makes it easier to manage them with a user-friendly interface, notifications, and alerts. Request a demo today! Learn more

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