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Investigating Reporting

Best Practices for Investigation Reporting

Clear and accurate investigation reporting is crucial to the outcome of every investigation.

In fact, a comprehensive investigation report can serve as crucial evidence in litigation, showing that a thorough investigation was undertaken and that the process and outcome were fully documented. In cases of employee misconduct, fraud, bribery and corruption, the investigation report shows that the company took the behavior seriously and acted appropriately, demonstrating a culture of ethics and a commitment to compliance. Courts have been known to be more lenient with companies when their investigation reporting is thorough and timely.

Our resources library contains a plethora of tools to help you hone your investigation reporting skills and establish effective documentation procedures.

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Helpful Investigation Reporting Resources

Investigation Reporting Webinar

Join Xan Raskin, Esq., SPHR, and founder of Artixan Consulting Group, as she shares tips and techniques for preparing comprehensive and legally defensible investigation reports.

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